STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business and TRANSFORM It Into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation that Gives You the FREEDOM You've Always Wanted!

With this system you will learn the same systems I used to build my business from the trunk of my car to a multi-million dollar enterprise...


“From a disorganized $8.5M to a FOCUSED $11M in sales”

- Matt McKinley, Triple M Trailers
Canton, TX

“Increased my sales $507K the first year, and my personal income improved by $158K – all in the first year. By the third year, I was turnkey!”

- Evan Desjardins, Round Table Technology
Lewiston, ME

Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

As a small business owner you probably face many challenges. Like you, I had a lot of challenges since starting my first business out of the trunk of my car 29 years ago. I had employee challenges, I had to figure out how to get the right kinds of clients and how to close the sale. I had to learn how to track my numbers and figure out how to reach my goals in life. I’m not just an author, speaker and business coach- I’m a business owner just like you. In fact, I’ve owned 9 small businesses altogether and I have 4 businesses today. I started my first business out of the trunk of my car over 29 years ago, and I’ve probably faced every challenge that you have.

The good news is that I have overcome those challenges and my systems are helping small business owners around the world have record sales and profits, more free time and their businesses are organized and systematized. 

If you would like to solve your biggest challenges in business, and you would like to...

  • Get more clients (the kind that care more about quality than price)…
  • Have a system that closes more sales at higher prices (regardless of what the “competition” is doing)…
  • Have a system in place (so your staff can deliver a phenomenal service experience without it always relying on you)…
  • Get better at tracking your numbers (so you can make more profit in your business)
  • Improve your leadership skills (so you can get more cooperation from others)…
  • Reach more of your goals in life and business (so you can have the lifestyle you went into business for)…

“$250k to $1.5M”

– Eric Sprague (and Larry Wilberton)
Rancho Cucamunga, CA

“From Zero to 47 happy, productive, amazing employees”

- John Torres
Riviera Beach, FL

As seen in:

Learn the Same Systems I Used to Transform My Business
into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation...

and the same system that is
REVOLUTIONIZING small businesses around the world...

Here's what's Included in the Phenomenal
Growth Home Study Course System

  • All 6 Proven Business Systems Available on Video Replay

  • 6 Business Systems on Audio for Streaming and Download

  • Step by Step Systems Training Manual

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Hand Outs to Learn Each Business System


Phenomenal GPS Tracking Systems

The ONE and ONLY reason your business exists is to be a vehicle to help you achieve your LIFE GOALS. Do you know WHERE you are going? Do you have a proven PLAN on how to get there? Do you have the right System to get you where you want to go?

In this session, you'll learn...

  • How to Properly Set GOALS
  • How to PLAN Your Business for Success
  • How to Systematize Your Business…


The Phenomenal Marketing Systems

Phenomenal marketing includes understanding who your perfect niche client is and how to reach them in the best way possible.  It includes a phenomenal message that resonates with them and it includes a systematic way to keep them coming back for more and referring you more prospects just like them.

Phenomenal Referral Marketing Systems include developing powerful referral sources that will GIVE you your perfect clients. And it includes using online AND offline strategies that are effective with your target market.

In this system, I'll share...

  • How to Attract and Acquire Your Perfect Client
  • The 4 M’s of Phenomenal Marketing
  • 3 Steps to Creating Phenomenal Marketing Copy
  • How to Generate Clients Out of “Thin Air”
  • Internet Marketing, E-Mail Marketing and Social Media Marketing Made EASY!
  • My Step-by-Step Phenomenal Refferal Marketing System REVEALED!


The Phenomenal Sales System

Sales is everything you do to convert prospects into customers. Once you have generated a prospect, do you have a phenomenal system in place to consistently and effectively turn them into a paying customer?

Whether your business is online or offline, there are proven steps to consistently converting prospects into paying customers, overcoming price objections and selling more of your services.

In this session, I share...

  • How to Avoid the Silent Kiss of Death (Online or Offline)
  • My Proven 7 Step Sales System
  • How to Overcome Price Objections
  • My Step-by-Step Phenomenal Sales System Revealed


Phenomenal Operations Systems

Most small business owners know the “technical” side of their business and maybe even provide decent customer service. But does your business run like a well-oiled machine?

Do you have systems that insure that you are providing the “Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever”™ regardless of who is providing the service?

Do you have to be involved in every high level customer transaction?

This system reveals how to create a phenomenal operations system, so you can provide the most phenomenal service experience ever – consistently – without even having to be involved.


Phenomenal Administration Systems

The next part of your “vehicle for success” is knowing your numbers. If you are like most small business owners, this is your weakest area. How often do you look at your PNL? Do you know your cost of doing business? What does your debt load look like? Do you track your numbers based on the profit centers and where the client came from?

In this session I show you...

  • What reports you should be looking at and when
  • We will take a look at how to get the data you need


Phenomenal Leadership Systems

You will not reach your biggest dreams in life without building a team.

I know you have big dreams. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be this far in this letter. You want to take your business to the next level, but you can’t get there by yourself. No one can.

As a founding member of The John Maxwell Coaching Team and an independent certified John Maxwell Coach, let me remind you of what John (the world’s #1 leadership expert) has to say…

“Everything rises and falls on leadership. Leadership is influence. Nothing less, nothing more. How do you get influence? By adding value to other people.”

In this session, you will learn...

  • How to become a better leader that others will follow
  • How to Attract Phenomenal Dream Team Members
  • How to Retain Your Phenomenal Dream Team Members

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Here's a Recap of Everything in the Phenomenal Growth
Home Study Course System

  • All 6 Proven Business Systems Available on Video Replay

  • 6 Business Systems on Audio for Streaming and Download

  • Step by Step Systems Training Manual

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Hand Outs to Learn Each Business System

"So Howard, how much is your Home Study Course System?"

I’m glad you asked. First, let me ask you a question? What do you think this program can DO for you?

How much would it be worth if you could increase your business by just 10% this year?

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You may be wasting tons of money right now.

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