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The Destin Dream Retreat

August 1st & 2nd

777 Leadership Group July 31st

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Session 1:

Experience the

"Better Than Phenomenal"


Day 1: August 1st

Session 1: How to EXPERIENCE the Better Than Phenomenal Life!

Do you want to be happier? Healthier? More prosperous? Better family relationships? Security? More friends? More peace? Hope for the future?

Of course you do! Everyone does! But most people don’t do much about it.

To live a BTP life, and to build a BTP business, you need to RETREAT! Get away from the pressure cooker of every day life and reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going and renew your vision.

You need to recharge your battery.

We all know that, but many times we fail to do it. Maybe retreating and reflecting sounds a little soft. You may be thinking “where’s the beef?” “Where’s the hard-hitting business strategies?”

You may be thinking “I can’t afford to take time off and sit around in expensive Destin, Florida.”

Maybe you’re thinking “I’m too busy. I’ve been traveling too much as it is.”

If that’s you, I know how you feel. Others have felt the same. But here’s what they found…

When you get away to sharpen your saw, you get more done in less time with less effort.

When you retreat and re-imagine your future, you get big ideas that you would not have gotten otherwise.

After all, the MOST IMPORTANT THING a leader can do is… THINK.

And to take that a step further, the MOST IMPORTANT PLACE to think is with a COMMUNITY of people who support you, encourage you and help you stay accountable to your vision.

In fact, the community helps you get the vision!

Whether it takes raising your prices a bit, or putting off the non-essential purchase, INVEST in yourself.

After all, it’s not every day you get the opportunity to meet for a couple of days with myself and the community in a small group.

I’ll be leading most of the sessions, and we’ll flesh out your biggest challenges and opportunities.

In this first session, we’ll take a look at where we are personally and professionally. Then, I will personally lead you into the future so you can finish the year well, and you can EXPERIENCE the Better than Phenomenal Life!

Feel it. Taste and see that it is not just good, not just better than good, but better than PHENOMENAL!

You CAN do this!

And, so can your KIDS!

YOUTH INVITED (Kindergarten - Adult)

Question: “What are we going to do about our youth today?”

This culture is destroying our kid’s self-image.

Our young are living with crippling anxiety.

They are distracted, deceived and many times feel defeated.

This dilemma can only be corrected by helping the youth of today understand…

WHO they are…

WHOSE they are…

WHY they are here…

WHAT to do about it…

And HOW they can have a Better Than Phenomenal Life too.

Do you want YOUR kids to understand their potential and purpose?

At this retreat, your children (Kindergarten all the way to adult) will experience the Ziglar/Phenomenal philosophy of being the right kind of person, doing the things that will pay off in life and having the life they are supposed to have.

Plus, you’ll have TONS of FUN on the beach!

Swim in the crystal clear, emerald green water, build sandcastles on the beach, ride jet skis, go fishing and shopping. There is so much to do in Destin!

Bring the Entire Family!

Connect with the Community!

Have Fun in the Sun...

Take long walks on the beach...

Play in the water...

Watch dolphins...

Retreat, Reset, Reimagine

Retreat every quarter to reset your mind, your plan, and reimagine the possibilities of the future...

Renew, Refresh, Recharge

Session 2: How to Create Your Ultimate Vision

Session 3:

Discover the Magic of Thinking Big

Session 3: The Magic of Thinking Big

Would you agree that most people think too small?

What about you?

Have you ever found yourself thinking smaller than you should?

Of course you have. All of us have.

But what happens when you start thinking bigger? What happens when you let yourself BELIEVE a dream? What happens when you think BIGGER about your life and business?

I don’t believe in magic, but it’s amazing to see what happens when you put a bigger picture in your mind.

Does your vision put a knot in your gut? It should. If it doesn’t, you’re not thinking big enough!

Remember that thoughts are things. Thoughts grow. Thoughts grow with THINKING. How much time to do invest thinking and planning for your future?

Probably not enough. Come to Destin and dream with me.

Session 4: Sand Castle Building Contest

In this session, we actually go out to the beach and play in the sand. It’s such a fun time as we work together to create something out of nothing. We observe our leadership and team dynamics and apply them to our business and lives.

Plus, there are prizes!

Day 2: August 2nd

Session 1: Sand Castle Presentations

Each team presents their castle theme, how they worked together, and their leadership message to the group.

Each group is judged based on creativity, theme, team dynamics and their presentation.

How to Make Phenomenal Money So You Can Live Your Dream

Session 2: How to Make Phenomenal Money

Everyone wants to make more money. Sadly, most people don’t make the amount of money they need to make to reach their biggest dreams and goals.

One of the reasons for that is their “money mindset”. Remember what we think and believe about something dramatically impacts what we DO and DON’T DO.

One of the skills I’ve been blessed to develop over the years is how to make money. But it wasn’t always that way. I grew up on welfare. Even though I knew how to work hard, I didn’t save my money and when I got kicked out of the house at almost 18 years old, I had NO money.

My best friend helped my scrape up enough money for a Greyhound Bus ticket to Houston. I had 25 cents in my pocket. Even when I started working, I didn’t save my money. I didn’t understand money.

When Denise and I got married, we were living paycheck to paycheck. But we got a total of $3,000.00 in cash from relatives. That was all the money we had to our name and I spent it all starting my first business out of the trunk of my car.

Denise was thrilled about that! NOT!

Over time as I was learning how to build my business, I got my business and myself in tremendous debt. In this session, I’ll share how to get your business more profitable, how to use money in the right way to help you become more successful financially.

Session 3: 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Reaching for Your Dream

We all make mistakes. Some big. Some small. Each of these mistakes keep us from getting where we want to go. In this session, we will identify the 7 most  common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Session 4: How to Make Your Vision STICK! 

Remember that vision without action is just a daydream. The idea of coming to Destin is to get a new vision. It’s the perfect place to get the vision, but Monday morning is coming!

In our closing session, I’ll outline how to keep the vision fresh every day so you’ll be more productive and more inspired every day!

Do you have a compelling vision for your life and business?

Do you have a plan for reaching that vision?

Do you need a vacation?

Do you need to work “on” your business instead of “in” it?

Do you want to have a bigger vision?

Do you want to live a richer, more meaningful life?

Do you want to have an opportunity to share big ideas with the Inner Circle Community?

Dear Inner Circle Member,

Do you have a compelling vision for your life and business?

Do you have a plan for reaching that vision?

Do you need a vacation?

Do you need to work “on” your business instead of “in” it?

Do you want to have a bigger vision?

Do you want to live a richer, more meaningful life?

Do you want to have an opportunity to share big ideas with the Inner Circle Community?

Every year Inner Circle Members descend onto the sugar-white beaches and into the refreshing emerald green water of Destin, Florida to retreat from the every-day demands of business and life.

At this retreat, we reflect on the first half of the year, and re-imagine our future. We reset our goals and renew our commitment to a phenomenal business and life.

We get refueled, recharged and rejuvenated so we can finish the year strong.

Bring your family with you! Your children will learn the Ziglar/Phenomenal philosophy of life to give them a strong foundation, and they will have fun in the sun!

See agenda below for youth sessions.

*Youth must be registered to participate in sessions and lunch.

See you there!

Howard Partridge

Agenda At-a-Glance

July 31st
777 & 787 Members Only

1. Leadership Lessons Learned

2. How to Coach to the Vision

3. How to Hire the Right Person for the Position

4. Fun YOLO Experience!

*No Youth Sessions July 31

August 1st & 2nd
All Inner Circle Members (and invited guests)

Thursday August 1st

How to Live a Better than Phenomenal L.I.F.E. (Youth in session with parents)
How to Create Your Ultimate Vision (Youth in session with parents)
The Magic of Thinking BIG (Special Youth Session)
Sandcastle Building Contest (Youth in session with parents)

Friday August 2nd

Sand Castle Contest Results (Youth in session with parents)
How to Make Phenomenal Money(Youth in session with parents)
7 Mistakes People Make When Reaching for their Dreams (Special Youth Session)
How To Make Your Vision Stick! (Youth in session with parents)

You Only Live Once - Make It Count!

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