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Dear Small Business Owner,

About twenty years ago, I started doing a simple thing that helps me get a LOT done.

It helps me stay organized, focused and inspired (even when I have problems).

What is that simple thing?

I began to take one hour in the morning to get focused and work ON my business instead of just IN it.

I focus on my goals and work on my projects.

I call it my Daily Time Capsule.

I still use this process today and it works better than ever. Plus, I’ve refined it into a phenomenal system that is helping many of my coaching members.

John Maxwell says “success is found in your daily agenda”.

If you just rush into the day without a plan – without being focused, you won’t be as productive as you could be.

If you would like to learn my simple system in detail, I’m going to teach it publicly this Tuesday, January 8th on my live weekly member only webcast, and you’re invited…

Here’s what You’ll Learn on This Webcast Replay

  • The 7 Steps from Survival to Success and Success to Significance
  • My Step by Step Personal Productivity System
  • How to Stay Focused, Inspired and Productive Every Day
  • Why Most People Don’t Reach Their Goals and Dreams and What To Do About It
  • The Main Tool I Use to Keep It All Together

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Howard Partridge

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Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in over 100 industries in 18 countries. He is a best selling author of four books that reached #1 on Amazon in at least one category, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert.

Howard grew up on welfare in Mobile Alabama and left home at 18. He arrived in Houston, Texas on a Greyhound bus with only 25 cents in his pocket. He started his first business out of the trunk of his car over 30 years ago and built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He has owned 9 small businesses altogether and owns 4 companies at the time of this printing.

He is president of Phenomenal Products, Inc. which helps small business owners stop being a slave to their business by transforming it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation. For the past two decades Howard has helped small business owners around the world dramatically improve their businesses.

He has led hundreds of seminars, webinars, workshops and holds his own live multi-day events which have featured some of America’s top business trainers including John Maxwell, Michael Gerber, Bob Burg, Dr. Joseph A. Michelli, Darren Hardy, Dr. Robert Rohm and American legend Zig Ziglar.

Howard is married to Denise and has one beautiful son and daughter in love, Christian & Susana. And one precious granddaughter, Gianna.

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