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A Better Way to Pay

How to Create a Fair Compensation Program that Makes Sense to You AND Your Team

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In this exclusive live web class replay, I lay out the philosophy and structure of a rockin' compensation program. This introduction may be just the jump start you need to refine your systems.

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Where Did the Money Go?

This easy-to-read book will teach you the basics you need to keep track of your business…and find out where the money goes! Then you can make sure the money goes where you want it to go…to YOU, your employees and your community. This book is essential for ALL business owners. We'll send you a digital copy as soon as the webcast ends.

Here's What We'll Cover on This Training

You want to have a fair and equitable pay plan for your team right?

The problem is that you aren't quite sure how to structure it. 

This time of the year can be especially frustrating. If you give out bonuses, you rarely even get a thank you. 

A good pay plan should reward your team members and make money for you. 

I know how you feel. During my time of working with contractors over the years, I’ve seen lots of sad stories.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

You can create a better way to pay!

Sign in for a replay to this special webcast where you’ll learn the Top 3 Mistakes most people make when creating a pay plan, and how to avoid them! 

After learning the top 3 mistakes, you’ll be set to create a better way to pay for 2022 and beyond! 

About Your Presenter and Host

Ellen Rohr

From The Plumber’s Wife to America’s Top Expert on Making Big Money Doing Dirty Jobs! Ellen Rohr teaches How to make Business UN-Complicated by focusing on the few things that have the biggest impact on your results. Ellen Rohr The Business Makeover Expert® teaches the few things that make all the difference to your business success: Easy financial clean up, profitable pricing and powerful business planning.

Howard Partridge

Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in 109 industries in 20 countries. He is a best selling author of eight books, a TEDx Speaker, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a Master DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert. 

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NOTICE: Anytime money moves from or to someone, into or out of your company, there are requirements with which you must comply. Be sure to review with your CPA and financial planner how you, as the owner, put money in and take money out. Be sure check with your tax accountant and labor law professional or an attorney to make sure that the way you pay meets all compliance requirements. Salary, hourly pay, bonuses, and benefits all have tax requirements. You are responsible for this! Make sure you are up to speed with all state and federal income, payroll and all other tax laws.

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