Webinar Series with Howard Partridge

"12 Step F.T.I. Recovery Program"

The #1 Reason Small Businesses Don’t Grow… (or do as well as they could)

F.T.I. (Failure To Implement)

That’s why I decided to launch the “12 Step F.T.I. Recovery Program”

Over the next 11 weeks, I will be walking you through each and every step to phenomenal implementation so you can reach your biggest dreams and goals in life and business.

**This is normally for Inner Circle Members ONLY. For a limited time, I am opening this to non-members.

Last week I shared the first step, which is to DREAM. If you don’t have a compelling VISION for your life and for your business, you won’t implement!

When you join the course, you’ll get the replay of the first webinar:

  • What a dream and vision actually is
  • Why it is so important to dream
  • 5 ways to dream
  • What to do if you don’t have a dream
  • Why a compelling vision is the first key to implementation

Enroll now so you can replay Webinar 1 and attend Webinar 2 tomorrow morning LIVE!

When you enroll, you’ll get the replay of last week’s webinar immediately. Then each and every all hand outs and implementation worksheets each and every week.

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