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The 2021 Destin Dream Retreat,
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Dear Phenomenal Inner Circle Member,

Are you ready to ESCAPE the pressures of your everyday business?

Are you ready to EXPLORE the possibilities for yourself, your business and your family?

Are you ready for the most Phenomenal Community EXPERIENCE ever?

Then join your fellow Inner Circle Members at the 2021 Destin Dream Retreat!

When you get away from the pressure cooker of life and take time to relax, reflect and renew, you’ll get massive breakthroughs you never knew were possible.

Many dreams have been born at this leadership and family retreat.

Wednesday July 21st

Leadership Mastermind with Howard Partridge

(777 and 787 Members Only)

Leadership Day Schedule

Session 1: The Latest, Greatest Leadership Lessons Howard Has Learned 

Over the past year Howard has been immersing himself in a higher level of leadership study. In this session, he will reveal his discoveries and what they mean for your leadership journey. 

Session 2: How to Coach Your Team Members to Phenomenal Success

A leader is a coach. Regardless of whether a team member misses the mark, or you're coaching a high performer up the Org. Chart, this session will help you become a phenomenal coach. 

Session 3: Turning Problems into Projects

In this session, we'll work through your biggest challenges and "round table" them to discover the best way to handle them. 

Session 4: Your Leadership Action Plan

In our closing session, we'll make our commitments and list what we will do differently moving forward. 

PM: Special Leadership Evening. We are planning something special for the evening. 

Plus a Special Session for Youth with Dr. Robert Rohm

DISCover Greater for Teens covers the following topic over the course of four sessions:

DISC Model of human behavior (understanding ourselves & others)
How to prepare convincing presentations  
Presentation tips and techniques 
Plan the elements of dynamic presentations
Personalize for the people in your audience
Confidently present yourself and your content to a group of your peers!

We are committed to helping teenagers gain new understanding that will empower them to improve and become the best versions of themselves! 

Our focus is to teach teens how to create stronger relationships, better communication and gain more self confidence.

What kinds of skills will I learn when I attend DISCover Greater sessions?

Positive internal dialogue (self-talk)
Appreciation for different personality styles
Understanding how other people think & process information
How to better read people
Awareness of facial expressions, body language, and the importance of smiling
How to recognize priorities in others importance of positive words 
An ease at both giving and receiving praise
Openness to feedback
A refusal to get upset when things go differently than planned

Thursday - July 22nd

The Destin Dream Retreat Main Sessions

All Inner Circle Members and Invited Guests

Session 1: The Phenomenal Power of a Phenomenal VISION

Everyone wants a phenomenal future. You want tomorrow to be better than today. Vision is a powerful force. With a phenomenal vision, you can literally create your future when you know how to visualize it properly.

The problem is, most people don’t know how to visualize a different future, and that traps you in the present at best and in the past at the worst.

We believe that you can be more, do more, and have more. A powerful, compelling vision is required to move forward. In this session, Howard will lead you as you create your preferred future for your life and business.

Session 2: Goal Setting by Personality Type with Dr. Robert Rohm

For the FIRST TIME EVER, we will be presenting this brand new program! Every personality type approaches goals differently. Dr. Robert Rohm, the world authority on the DISC Model of Human Behavior will be with us to lead us through this phenomenal program. 

Session 3: Break Out Sessions

Generation Ziglar Youth Training (Ages 12-18)

Phenomenal You+H Training (K-11)

Business Planning (Adults)

Session 4: The FUNonmenal Sandcastle Contest!

This is a Destin Dream Retreat tradition! Families and teams dig into the white pillows of powder to build the ultimate sand castle. We compete for prizes that are based on theme, creativity and leadership.

Evening on your own to explore Destin and South Walton

Friday - July 23rd

The Destin Dream Retreat Main Sessions

All Inner Circle Members and Invited Guests

Session 1: Optional Spiritual Session

Over the past year, Howard has been working on a devotional called Under the Seaside Sun. In this optional session, we will reflect on our Spiritual lives.

Notice: This is an optional session. 

We will not make you feel uncomfortable if you come or if you don’t. We believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ. If you feel uncomfortable in this environment, feel free to skip this session.

Session 2: Sand Castle Results & Prizes Awarded

Each team will do a short presentation on their sand castle. The judges will rate the castles on theme, creativity, and teamwork and phenomenal prizes will be awarded.

Special Keynote: The Perfect You with Dr. Caroline Leaf

here are a lot of personality and intelligence tests out there designed to label you and put you in a particular box. But Dr. Caroline Leaf says there's much more to you than a personality profile can capture!

In her presentation The Perfect You, Dr. Leaf will take you through seven steps to rediscover and unlock your unique design--the brilliantly original way each person thinks, feels, relates, and makes choices--freeing yourself from comparison, envy, and jealousy, which destroy brain tissue.

Knowing and understanding our identity empowers our choices. Unlocking your "you quotient" is not optional--it is essential.

Session 3: Phenomenal You! - 7 Lies That Are Keeping You From Success

You know you were born to win. You were designed for accomplishment and endowed with the seeds of greatness. You ARE a phenomenal product. Created to be phenomenal, to do phenomenal things, and to have a phenomenal life.

Unfortunately, people don’t reach their full potential because they have bought in to one or more of the seven lies that keep them from the success God created them for. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ causes a deadly disease called “hardening of the attitudes” which really hurts your performance.

Everyone deserves to know the truth about themselves. Howard knows how you feel. Growing up poor made him feel insecure about himself. By getting a check-up-from-the-neck-up, he was able to cure his loser’s limp and you can too. In this session you’ll learn the 7 Truths about you. Phenomenal You!

Escape stinking thinkin’ and explore the possibilities for your future and experience the freedom to be who you were created to be, do what you were created to do, and have the life you are created to have.

Session 4: Break Out Sessions

Generation Ziglar Youth Training (Ages 12-18)

Phenomenal You+H Training (K-11)

Business Planning (Adults)

Session 5: Closing Community Celebration

Communities celebrate together. We will all come together to share our discoveries, new relationships, ideas, breakthroughs and biggest takeaways.

Monday and Tuesday - July 19th & 20th

Generation Ziglar Certification featuring Matt and Katy Rush

       If you feel called to share the life-changing message of hope and encouragement to our young people, then join us fir the FIRST EVER Gen Z Certification for adults!

This certification is a separate membership and requires an additional investment.

$1,997.00 Per Person Generation Ziglar Youth Certification 

Register Now!

        $197.00 Per Adult (18 and older)
$97.00 Per Child (under 18) 

Virtual attendance includes live-streaming of main sessions that are indoors ONLY

Travel Recommendations

Airport Codes

ECP – Panama City (35 -45 minutes away)

VPS – Fort Walton Beach (35-45 mins away)

PNS – Pensacola (1 1/2 hours away)

Event Location

Embassy Suites Miramar Beach
570 Scenic Gulf Drive
Destin, FL 32550

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