Online Seminar with Howard Partridge

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How to Build a Phenomenal Dream Team

Online Seminar with Howard Partridge

Dear Small Business Owner,

Your employees can be your biggest nightmare or your greatest asset.

How do you attract the right people? How do you build a phenomenal dream team?

8 Part Webinar Series with Howard Partridge Reveals "How to Build a Phenomenal DREAM TEAM"! 

Join me on Tuesday's at 9:00am Central.
(8:00am MST | 7:00am PST | 10:00am EST).

Right now I’m in Florida and will be here for most of the summer. Both of my companies are in Texas.

My phenomenal dream team runs my companies for me.

If you have a dream, but no team, you have to either give up the dream or build up the team!

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad I didn’t give up on my dreams (I almost did). Instead, I build not one, but TWO phenomenal dream teams!

Join Howard LIVE Every Tuesday at 9:00am

Here's what Howard will "un-pack" each week during the 8 part course...

July 25th How to Find Phenomenal Team Members 

Learn where to find them, how to attract them to your team, and the most important things to do (and not to do) to attract the right people.

August 1st How to Develop a Phenomenal Vision 

Leadership is effectively communicating your vision. On this webcast, Howard will share how to create a compelling mission, values and purpose that phenomenal team members will buy into, and those that are not up the challenge will go away.

August 8th
 How to Become a Phenomenal Communicator 

Phenomenal leaders are phenomenal communicators. Have you ever wondered why someone didn't understand you, even though you thought you were communicating very clearly? Did you know, there are four basic communication styles? On this session, you'll learn how to make sure you are effectively communicating with your team.

August 15th
 How to Coach without Drama 

How do you handle it when someone misses the mark, or doesn't do something they were supposed to do? In this session, you'll learn how to effectively coach someone without feeling uncomfortable.

August 22nd
 How to Properly Compensate Your Team Members 

The subject of pay seems to cause all kinds of problems between employees and owners. How much should you pay? What are the methods of compensation you should use? How do you know if your paying too much? How do you handle it when someone wants a "raise"? You'll learn a simple way to pay on this webcast.

August 29th
 How to Develop Your Phenomenal Dream Team 

Once you have a phenomenal team member, how do you help them go to the next level? How do you develop them? How do you keep them engaged and interested. Learn how to move your team members to the next level of success and how that helps you reach your dream.

September 5th
 How to Effectively Hire 

On this webcast, you'll learn how to interview properly and how to implement a hiring system.

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Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in 97 industries in 8 countries. He is a best selling author of four books that reached #1 on Amazon in at least one category, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert.

Howard grew up on welfare in Mobile Alabama and left home at 18. He arrived in Houston, Texas on a Greyhound bus with only 25 cents in his pocket. He started his first business out of the trunk of his car over 30 years ago and built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He has owned 9 small businesses altogether and owns 4 companies at the time of this printing.

He is president of Phenomenal Products, Inc. which helps small business owners stop being a slave to their business by transforming it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation. For the past two decades Howard has helped small business owners around the world dramatically improve their businesses.

He has led hundreds of seminars, webinars, workshops and holds his own live multi-day events which have featured some of America’s top business trainers including John Maxwell, Michael Gerber, Bob Burg, Dr. Joseph A. Michelli, Darren Hardy, Dr. Robert Rohm and American legend Zig Ziglar.

Howard is married to Denise and has one beautiful son, Christian.

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