How to Build Your DREAM COMPANY

Full Day Business Building Seminar with Howard Partridge

Dear Cleaning and Restoration Business Owner, 

You want a phenomenally successful company. The problem is you aren’t growing like you want to grow. You feel like you and your team aren’t getting where you want to go fast enough. Every professional cleaner who provides phenomenal service deserves to also have a phenomenal business. 

Howard Partridge knows how you feel. He has walked in your shoes. After starting his cleaning business out of the trunk of his car and struggling to figure it all out for 13 long years, he finally learned the “secrets” of a phenomenal business. Then his business exploded into a multi-truck company. He will show you the systems he has used to build a multi-million dollar company that is super profitable. 

        Howard has helped cleaning and restoration companies around the world build their dream companies. Is it your turn? 

Session 1: How to Attract and Retain Phenomenal Dream Team Members. In this session, you’ll learn how Howard’s company and other cleaning companies acquire the very best technicians, marketing staff and office staff. 

Session 2: How to Attract an Unlimited Supply of Dream Clients. In this session, you’ll learn how Howard’s company generated $1.2 million in referrals last year, how to get more referrals, more repeat business and how to use the power of digital marketing in your cleaning and restoration business. 

Session 3: How to Double or Triple Your Sales. In this session, you’ll learn the 5 steps to double your sales, how to 10X your upsells, and how to overcome price objections. 

Session 4: How to Maximize Your Profits. In this session, you’ll learn what numbers you should track and how to dramatically increase profits. 

Session 5: How to Systematize Your Business. In This Session, You Will Learn How to Scale your business with systems. You will learn how to REPLACE yourself in the Areas You Aare Not Good At Or Don't Want to do. 

Tuesday Sept 6th

In Las Vegas at The Experience Convention


8:30am - 5:00pm

This workshop is requires an additional investment

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