Financial Tracking Workshop with Howard Partridge and Ellen Rohr...

"Two Day Financial Tracking Workshop with Ellen Rohr"
Hilton Garden Inn Sugar Land, TX

Once upon a time, Howard’s companies were struggling financially, weighed down by debt and without direction due to not understanding the numbers. Like Wonder Woman, Ellen Rohr helped Howard turn it around. It wasn’t easy, but now Howard’s companies are SUPER PROFITABLE and operate very smoothly.


Friday, January 15th 8:30 – 5:00

Lunch Included on Friday

Where Did the Money Go? – Ellen Rohr

Where do you learn business basics? Unfortunately, not in school! No wonder you don’t know your assets from your liabilities! In this seminar, you will dive into the numbers and the financial reports… the keys to making money!

  • Why are you here? There is only ONE answer!
  • The REAL reason you aren’t as successful as you would like to be!
  • How to read Financial Reports… Why? Because it is fun to WIN the game of business. Because it’s fun to MAKE MONEY.
  • Introducing Bob Bird…we’ll follow a true-to-life business owner as he sets up his company and grows his business. And we’ll de-mystify all the weird business and financial words as we go.
  • How to manage your company from a ONE PAGE report. Want to learn how to make money EVERY MONTH? This is the KEY.

How Much Should I Charge? – Ellen Rohr

Did you call your competitors and ask them how much they charged? Then, charged the same thing? Or LESS? It’s time to get REAL. This seminar will teach you how to budget, how to create a selling price…and how to tackle the underlying issues that are keeping you from making the money you deserve.

  • Are you in the WRONG profession? Find out if you are on a good path…or if you should GET OUT NOW!
  • The “B” word! - Budgeting is GOAL setting…would you like a simple, step-by-step process for making budgeting EASY?
  • What does your competitor know? Probably, not much! I’ll share a simple, no-fail formula for creating a SELLING PRICE that will leave you withexactly the $$$$ you WANT.
  • Super-simple Bonus and Compensation Programs. How to reward right-stuff performers without shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Can you triple your prices and keep your customers? Simple marketing strategies for “no complaints” pricing.
  • Want to GET OUT someday? - Would you like to RETIRE before you DIE? You’ll discover how to create a solid exit strategy…including a way to determine how much your company is WORTH!

Saturday, January 16th 8:00 – 11:30

Financial Basics 101 – Accounting and Finance for the
Biz Owner Who Hates Numbers

Unlock the POWER of Financial Management! It’s YOUR money. Learn where it is, where it goes…and how to make more of it! Lay claim to your Financial Power!

Where do you learn business basics? Unfortunately, not in school! No wonder you don’t know your assets from your elbows! More money buys more options. Learn how to read and use financial reports to keep score in the Game of Business…and play to WIN!

  • Clean Up Your Financial Reports. Scorekeeping can be fun and simple…from Main Street to Wall Street. And the simpler you make it, the BIGGER you can take it.
  • Assembling the Bean Team. Time to fire your accountant? How to find great accounting team members to help you…and NOT hold you hostage.
  • What’s a Balance Sheet? The KING financial report. Warren Buffet taught Ellen how to demystify this powerful tool…and she is sharing!
  • What’s an Income Statement? Discover EASY ways to build this “Scorecard” so that you will know the score…with the few numbers that make ALL the difference.
  • How to manage your company for profit…while the month is ON. We’ll play with Budgeting and comparing Actual performance to Budgeted Goals. This is how you get GOOD at making money every month.
  • Open Book Management. Should you share the data? With whom? What’s the risk…and the reward? Does this make you nervous? No worries…Ellen makes it easy.
  • Pricing Power. Why, how, when and how much? We’ll explore the impact of a significant pricing increase. We’ll help your team settle their fears, too, and get excited about what’s in it for them.

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