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8 Week How Much Should You Charge MasterClass with ellen rohr 

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How Much Should You REALLY Charge?

This 8 Part MasterClass will teach you how to budget, how to create a selling price…and how to tackle the underlying issues that are keeping you from making the money you deserve. 

You want to make more sales and more money. Good for you! And it's good business. Here's the problem...

More sales at a losing selling price is like cliff diving into a lake. You might no hit bottom, but if you do it's going to hurt because you don't know what's below.

If you don’t know how much you need to charge, you can be tempted to lower your price. If you aren’t sure where the bottom of the lake is, you may risk it. If you do know, then you can confidently walk away from a sale if it’s going to cost you to make that sale.

There’s a success secret about making money in business. Here it is...

You’ve got to charge more than it costs.

Maybe you know you should keep a better track of the money, but you keep putting it off because you are…

Too busy?
Financially illiterate?
... all of the above?

Get over it!

It’s time to clean up the “slinky-knot” mess you may have made of your accounting program. 

As the owner, you've got to know because it's your money.

I'm excited to share my next 8 Week Financial MasterClass!

Get this on-demand course if you're ready to finally ready to STOP guessing at your costs, and get a real understanding as to how much you need to charge!

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Here's what you'll learn on this series with Ellen

Module 1 

MasterClass Introduction - Replay Session Above Now

Are you in the WRONG Business? Find out if you are on a good path…or if you should change course NOW. If you can’t make money doing what you’re doing, leverage what you know and pivot to something lucrative. We’ll explore what makes a business plan - and your goals - profitable.  There are FIVE things… and ONE of them is Budgeting! 

Module 2

Budget Part ONE

Budgeting is an awkward word for a very cool way to fast track your business. Budgeting helps you set goals, and create a winning selling price. Nice, right? In this session, we’ll assemble the tools and information you’ll need to get a budget done, implemented, and working for you.

Module 3

Budget Part TWO

We will work on your budget in real time. Let’s dig into the spreadsheets (it’s so much easier when we do it together!) I’ll share where you can take shortcuts and when it’s time to get REAL. We’ll revisit the FQC and use your budget to create goals, and reach them.

Module 4 

Selling Price Part ONE

Time to dive into the Key Numbers Page of my budgeting forms. I learned this simple, selling price calculation strategy from my mentor 35 years ago and it always works...if you are ready to make more money. (BONUS! I have an even easier way if you want to skip the math.) 

Module 5 - November 11

Selling Price Part TWO

Want a neat way to price jobs, out in the field or as you create your pricebook? We’ll explore my Selling Price Calculation Form, a simple, no-fail formula for you - and your team members - to price jobs with confidence.

Module 6 

Getting your TEAM in on the Game

Gamification is THE buzzword these days. Create a game that your team will want to play and win. We’ll review the elements of a game - Rules, Reasons, Rights and Rewards. And, we’ll introduce simple Job Costing systems...so you know if you are winning or losing on those big jobs. 

Module 7 

Turn-around Tactics

You’ll also learn specific to do’s for moving from bad news to GOOD NEWS! Easy action items for improving the SCORE. I’ve got lots of first hand stories of flailing companies who turned things around. I’ve also seen OK companies take off like a rocket. Let’s get clear on what you want...and make it so.  

Module 8

Exit Strategies

Want to get out someday? – Would you like to retire, or set up the next generation, or valued team member, for success?  You’ll discover how to create a solid exit strategy…including a way to determine how much your company is WORTH!

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Every business owner deserves to know how to create a selling price and is profitable for them!

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About Your Class Presenter and Host

Ellen Rohr

Financial Expert and President of ZOOM DRAIN

Ellen Rohr nearly sank her husband’s plumbing company. It seemed like lots of money was moving through the company, but at the end of the month there was never any money left. With the help of great mentors, Ellen figured out how to fix and grow successful businesses.  She teaches business planning and financial literacy, helping contractors make business simpler and more profitable.  

Now, she is an owner and President of ZOOM DRAIN Franchise, LLC. a new franchise concept with 20 locations across the country.  Ellen is the author of four un-fussy business books:  Where Did the Money Go?, How Much Should I Charge?, The Bare Bones Biz Plan and The Weekend Biz Plan. She also hosts a regular podcast – Behind the Wall – for PHCPPros.com 

Howard Partridge

International Business Coach

Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in 109 industries in 20 countries. He is a best selling author of eight books, a TEDx Speaker, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a Master DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert. 

Howard and his team at Phenomenal Products are honored to support Ellen Rohr. Our role is to manage her back office so phenomenal courses like this can be made available to you... even in her busy life!

NOTICE: Anytime money moves from or to someone, into or out of your company, there are requirements with which you must comply. Be sure to review with your CPA and financial planner how you, as the owner, put money in and take money out. Be sure check with your tax accountant and labor law professional or an attorney to make sure that the way you pay meets all compliance requirements. Salary, hourly pay, bonuses, and benefits all have tax requirements. You are responsible for this! Make sure you are up to speed with all state and federal income, payroll and all other tax laws.

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