Phenomenal Financial Blast Online Series with Ellen Rohr

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Phenomenal Financial Blast Online Series with Ellen Rohr

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Once upon a time, Howard’s companies were struggling financially, weighed down by debt and without direction due to not understanding the numbers. Like Wonder Woman, Ellen Rohr helped Howard turn it around. It wasn’t easy, but now Howard’s companies are SUPER PROFITABLE and operate very smoothly.

Howard Partridge and Ellen Rohr have helped each other in countless ways. And, they understand how important it is to KNOW where the money is, where it goes, and how to make more of it.

That's what Ellen will be "un-packing" in our upcoming 8 Week Phenomenal Profits Webinar Series.

Ready to finally get your financials cleaned up and current?
The result:  Less worry, more money!

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The Webinar Journey "at-a-glance"...

  • Why are you here? There is only ONE answer! Why, How and What do you REALLY need?
  • Commit to KFP (Known Financial Position)
  • Discover the "simple-dimple" for keeping track of the NUMBER$
  • Assembling the Bean Team. Time to fire your accountant? How to find great accounting team members to help you…and NOT hold you hostage.
  • The “B” word! - Budgeting is GOAL setting…would you like a simple, step-by-step process for making budgeting EASY?
  • Can you triple your prices and keep your customers? Simple marketing strategies for “no complaints” pricing. Ellen will reveal a simple, powerful pricing formula
  • Pricing Made Easy! We'll discuss Flat Rate Pricing, Service Agreements…and other pricing options
  • “Sweet Spot” Jobs Make it work the first time.
  • What does your competitor know? Probably, not much! I’ll share a simple, no-fail formula for creating a SELLING PRICE that will leave you with exactly the $$$$ you WANT.
  • Group v. Individual Coaching…

Webinar One - What do you REALLY need to know about the money?

FREEBIE! Ellen will lay out the simple plan for becoming a financial powerhouse...and laying claim to your responsibilities. (Hey, it's your money!)

Webinar Two - Getting to KFP

Ellen will share the standard systems, the essential reports and procedures for you and your "Bean Counting Team."  Even if it's just you, for now.

Webinar Three - The B Word - Budgeting

This is where we establish goals and a reasonable selling price.  So good!

Webinar Four - The FQC - or, How to make money every month!

This is a great way to keep score and make more $.  When to expand, and when to cut back?  This report helps you make better decisions.  One of my clients said, "Once I started to use the Financial Quick Check, I haven't lost money in a month since."  How cool is that?

Webinar Five - Raising your prices, and reducing your FEAR

 If you are going to charge more, you have to be more.  Which is ridiculously easy to do.  This will be a fun, creative, lively session.

Webinar Six - Finding the Sweet Spot

Let's figure out which customers and clients are the best fit for you.  Smooth sailing jobs with mega-profitability.  The score will light the way.

Webinar Seven - Getting Your Team In On the Game

What if they knew the score?  I've discovered your team will fix everything for you!  I'll introduce Open Book Management and how to use it to play a really big game.

Webinar Eight - What Few Things Make all the Difference

In this last session, we review and share commitments.  What will you do that will change everything.  One focused action, one or two engaged could create a positive quantum shift in your business, and your life!

Unlock the POWER of Financial Management! It’s YOUR money. Learn where it is, where it goes…and how to make more of it! Let's make Business UN-complicated!

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NOTICE: Be sure check with your tax accountant and labor law professional or an attorney to make sure that the way you pay meets all compliance requirements. Salary, hourly pay, bonuses, and benefits all have tax requirements. You are responsible for this! Make sure you are up to speed with all state and federal payroll and tax laws.