Your Employees Can Be Your Biggest NIGHTMARE or Your Greatest ASSET...

Your Leadership Systems Will Determine Your Result

Learn How Howard Partridge Built a Phenomenal Dream Team
and How YOU CAN TOO!

  • February 15th Pre-Conference Workshop led by Howard Partridge
  • Includes Seminar Materials and Lunch with Dr. Rohm
  • 8:00am - 12:00pm follow by Lunch (included)
  • At the Double Tree Hilton Houston Hobby
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  • Better Understand Your Team = More Harmony and Productivity
  • Learn the #1 Reason for Conflict = Less Stress in Your Workplace.
  • Discover Your Stress Points = Happier Family and Work Life.
  • Understand Your Family Members = More Peace and Cooperation.
  • Connect with Your Prospects = More Sales and Profits.
  • Serve Your Clients in Their Style = Greater Reputation.

Training Also Includes:

  • An adult personality profile assessment to learn your unique personality style
  • Information on your unique personality blend
  • New information on all 41 different personality blends
  • Information on understanding the different style blends
  • The Model of Human Behavior Learning Activities
  • Information from the “Guide to Effectively Reading People” charts
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This half day training will be held Wednesday February 15th at The Double Tree Houston Hobby Hotel. (Before the main conference kicks off!)

The hours are 8:00am til 12:00pm Noon.*If you are local, please estimate traffic so you can start on time with us. Seminar materials and Lunch are included with registration.

The event will be facilitated by certified trainers Howard Partridge and Santiago Arango.

Warning: This will be a private group. Only 20 participants allowed! Register now.

The DISC Advantage Training Program

Session 1: The DISC Advantage Personality Profile Assessment. In this session, you'll not only discover your primary style, but your environmental style vs. your natural style which creates stress when they aren't aligned. You'll also learn about unique personality blends.

Session 2: Dive Deeper Into Each Personality Style. In this session, we will dive deeper into the tendencies and traits of each style.

Session 3: Case Studies. In this session you'll experience and apply specific situations that occur and how to help your team handle them more effectively.

Session 4: The 41 Style Blends. You'll have a chart of all 41 so you can understand the 10 different blends of each style and the one "mystery" blend. This helps you pin-point the exact style blend to work more effectively with your team at work and your family at home.

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