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Monthly One on One Coaching

In this session you and your coach will become aware of where you are now and where you want to go and create a plan to get there. From here you will have your Top 4 Projects to focus on for the next month.

Weekly Accountability POD

Every week we will hold you accountable for the One Thing that you have decided to accomplish in that week. One month access.

Live Weekly Web Training with Howard Partridge

Discover the latest, greatest systems, strategies and breakthroughs each week. Special live Q&A Session every session. One month access.

Web Training Replay and PDF

Download the webcast and PDF handout for future reference. These programs will serve you for the rest of your career. One month access.

Step-by-Step Online Courses

You will have access to the proven systems that have transformed and revolutionized small businesses worldwide for an entire year. You get the complete, detailed, step-by-step courses so you can implement the systems in your company. You and your staff get 24/7 access.

  1. Phenomenal GPS Tracking Systems (Set your goals, develop your plan and identify the systems you need to implement.)
  2. Phenomenal Marketing Systems (Generate your perfect target prospects consistently)
  3. Phenomenal Sales Systems (Close more sales at higher prices)
  4. Phenomenal Operations Systems (Get your staff to provide the most outstanding experience ever without it always relying on you!)
  5. Administration Systems (Step-by-step on tracking and planning your numbers)
  6. Phenomenal Leadership Systems (Learn how to lead yourself and your team to phenomenal success!)

E-Mail Support from Team Phenomenal

As an Inner Circle member, just e-mail anytime and you get proven solutions to your biggest business challenges.