Webinar Series with Ellen Rohr:

"Phenomenal Team Building – A Better Way to Pay"

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How can you compensate and reward your team
in a way that really makes sense, to you and them?

The holidays will be here in about 15 minutes. And, gulp, you are looking down the barrel of the dreaded Holiday Bonus.  Have you struggled with what to do to celebrate your team at year end?

Well, you may muddle through it this year.  You might not meet the expectations of everyone, or anyone, as you hand out checks or "Jelly of the Month" coupons.  One client told me he that he handed out $30,000 worth of checks and only one of his team members said, "Thanks."  Ouch.

The Holiday Bonus is just a subset of an even bigger challenge:  How can you compensate and reward your team in a way that really makes sense, to you and them?

Introducing Phenomenal Team Building - A Better Way to Pay, a six part Webinar series with Ellen Rohr and Howard Partridge.

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Webinar #1 - Get the Replay When You Enroll for the Full Series!
I'll lay out the philosophy and structure of a rockin' compensation program.  This introduction to a Better Way to Pay may be just the jump start you need to refine your already sound  systems.  Or, you may be ready for a compensation overhaul.  Maybe you want to be more generous but don't know where the money will come from?  If you want to build a Phenomenal Team, you’re welcome to join us and embrace the whole program!

Webinar #2:  Let's assess the mess!
Have you created a hodge podge of conflicting directives and pay “deals”?  We'll identify what can wait and what needs to be fixed now.  Customize your own Better Way to Pay Checklist for creating your best compensation and rewards, and unwinding the mistakes of the past.  (Like your crazy-making year end bonuses!)

Webinar #3:  Keep score to make more!  

A great compensation program doesn't cost anything...it increases profits.  We'll uncover metrics and simple scorecards for each area of your business.  I'll share customizable forms, position descriptions, benchmarks, and lots more.

Webinar #4:  Get your team in on the game!  

Your employees will help you create a fair, transparent, easy-to-understand way to pay.  We'll role play career-expanding conversations and dump the awkward, resentment-inducing "Employee Reviews."

Webinar #5: Unpacking the Tool Kit!

Salary, hourly rates, commission, bonus, and contests.  Each of these has advantages and limitations.  I'll introduce options for several positions on the Organizational Chart, and explore how to assemble a just-right approach for you and your team.

Webinar #6:  The Kick Off!  

Time to implement the plan...with the enthusiastic support of your team.  Or, at least enough love and trust to get started with powerful, positive changes.

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As American Legend, Zig Ziglar says...

"You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want..."

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Together, we will explore compensation, bonuses, contests, commission, salary and pay options.  Even better, we'll explore developing leadership at every level of your company.  

We'll discover what it takes to overcome fear ("You're messing with my paycheck?") and set the stage for real engagement, and commitment to a shared vision, one that offers all manner of rewards.

Here's what is included with the entire program...

  • Six LIVE Webinars - you'll learn a step by step system on how to reward your team the right way... it's a win, win!
  • Access to a supportive, interactive FaceBook group - ask questions, join in on conversation, and connect with a community of business owners who are growing, just like you
  • Access to forms, checklists and scorecards so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
  • AND lots of love and care from Ellen and Howard - you'll get the opportunity to learn directly from them. E-mail them directly too.

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NOTICE: Anytime money moves from or to someone, into or out of your company, there are requirements with which you must comply. Be sure to review with your CPA and financial planner how you, as the owner, put money in and take money out. Be sure check with your tax accountant and labor law professional or an attorney to make sure that the way you pay meets all compliance requirements. Salary, hourly pay, bonuses, and benefits all have tax requirements. You are responsible for this! Make sure you are up to speed with all state and federal income, payroll and all other tax laws.