STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business and TRANSFORM It Into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation that Gives You the FREEDOM You've Always Wanted!

With this system you will learn the same systems I used to build my business from the trunk of my car to a multi-million dollar enterprise...

“We took our company from $1M to $6M in 3 years working with Howard!”

- Andy and Alexis Aranda

“I’ve been with Howard for 5 years. It has totally transformed my family, my business, and myself as a leader”

- Alyse Makerewicz, ABM Architects

Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

As a small business owner you probably face many challenges. Like you, I had a lot of challenges since starting my first business out of the trunk of my car 29 years ago. I had employee challenges, I had to figure out how to get the right kinds of clients and how to close the sale. I had to learn how to track my numbers and figure out how to reach my goals in life. I’m not just an author, speaker and business coach- I’m a business owner just like you. In fact, I’ve owned 9 small businesses altogether and I have 4 businesses today. I started my first business out of the trunk of my car over 29 years ago, and I’ve probably faced every challenge that you have.

The good news is that I have overcome those challenges and my systems are helping small business owners around the world have record sales and profits, more free time and their businesses are organized and systematized. 

If you would like to solve your biggest challenges in business, and you would like to...

  • Get more clients (the kind that care more about quality than price)…
  • Have a system that closes more sales at higher prices (regardless of what the “competition” is doing)…
  • Have a system in place (so your staff can deliver a phenomenal service experience without it always relying on you)…
  • Get better at tracking your numbers (so you can make more profit in your business)
  • Improve your leadership skills (so you can get more cooperation from others)…
  • Reach more of your goals in life and business (so you can have the lifestyle you went into business for)…

“$250k to $1.5M”

– Eric Sprague (and Larry Wilberton)
Rancho Cucamunga, CA

“From Zero to 47 happy, productive, amazing employees”

- John Torres
Riviera Beach, FL

As seen in:

Learn the Same Systems I Used to Transform My Business
into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation...

and the same system that is
REVOLUTIONIZING small businesses around the world...

Here's what's Included in the Phenomenal
Growth Home Study Course System

  • All 6 Proven Business Systems Available on Video Replay

  • 6 Business Systems on Audio for Streaming and Download

  • Step by Step Systems Training Manual

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Hand Outs to Learn Each Business System


Phenomenal GPS Tracking Systems

The ONE and ONLY reason your business exists is to be a vehicle to help you achieve your LIFE GOALS. Do you know WHERE you are going? Do you have a proven PLAN on how to get there? Do you have the right System to get you where you want to go?

In this session, you'll learn...

  • How to Properly Set GOALS
  • How to PLAN Your Business for Success
  • How to Systematize Your Business…


Phenomenal Marketing Systems - How to Generate An Unlimited Supply of Perfect Niche Clients!

Most small business owners do a terrible job marketing their business and they have no system.

In this session, Howard will share the proven, undisputed, real marketing strategies to attract the right prospects that are pre-sold and ready to buy!

Howard’s companies still hit record sales and profits year after year, and he has helped small business owners around the world do the same.

In this system, I'll share...

  • Learn the proven systems of attracting quality clients
  • Discover the secret to record sales and profits
  • Find out how to create new clients out of “thin air”
  • Learn the biggest marketing mistake a business owner can ever make (and you’re probably making it)
  • Understand how to raise your price without losing customers
  • Cut out the confusion about digital marketing


Phenomenal Sales System - How to Close More Sales at Higher Prices

The only thing worse than attracting the wrong prospect is not closing the right one!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this session…

In this session, I share...

  • Howard’s 7 Step Sales System so you can close more sales at higher prices
  • The 5 proven ways to overcome price objections
  • The most profitable sale ever made that can double your profits literally overnight


Phenomenal Operations Systems - How to Get Your Team to Deliver the Most Phenomenal Service Experience EVER (without you having to always be involved!)

In this session, you’ll learn the 9 steps to creating and delivering the most phenomenal service experience EVER - without it always relying on you!

You’ll learn how to EMPOWER your team to SERVE, so they don’t have to always come to you with questions.


Phenomenal Administration Systems - How to Track Your Numbers for MAXIMUM PROFITS!

Do you know where your business stands financially? Do you know how to track your numbers?

Do you know how to increase profits?

In this session Howard will show you how to read your financial reports, when you should look at them and how to get the data.

This is an area that you CANNOT overlook if you want to be phenomenally successful in business. Sooner or later it will catch up with you.

A business without a profit is just a HOBBY!


Phenomenal Leadership Systems - Discover How to Attract, Retain and Develop a Phenomenal Dream Team

In this session, you’ll find out how to build a phenomenal dream team. Howard has done it for over three decades, but more importantly, he has helped small businesses around the world build phenomenal teams that reach big dreams.

In this session, you will learn...

  • How do you attract A-Players to your team?
  • How millennials can become your greatest asset instead of your biggest problem!
  • How to retain the best talent for years to come
  • How to get your team to help you reach your dream
  • How to coach a team member back to success

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Here's a Recap of Everything in the Phenomenal Growth
Home Study Course System

  • All 6 Proven Business Systems Available on Video Replay

  • 6 Business Systems on Audio for Streaming and Download

  • Step by Step Systems Training Manual

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks Hand Outs to Learn Each Business System

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I’m glad you asked. First, let me ask you a question?

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You may be wasting tons of money right now.

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