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  • How To Generate an Unlimited Supply of Prospects
  • How To Close More Sales at Higher Prices
  • How To Build Systems in Your Business
  • How To Maximize Profits!
  • How To Attract the Right Employees

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Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less!
12 Week Training Course by Howard Partridge

4 Sessions from Howard's Live Conferences (Audio, Video and Hand Out):

  • 1

    How to Get People to Stand In Line to Do Business With You

    How do companies like Starbucks create a brand that keep customers coming back and willing to stand in line to do business with them? In this session, you'll learn how to create this same exact experience for your clients, customers, members or patients.

  • 2

    How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Prospects

    In this session, Howard will lay out his proven strategies for generating record sales and profits with his Phenomenal M.A.P. (Marketing Action Plan). Not just theory, not just tactics, but a specific plan of action.

  • 3

    The 14 Fastest Ways to the CA$H

    Learn Howard's Phenomenal Marketing Systems that he used to build a multi-million dollar enterprise and that small business owners are using worldwide to create Record Sales and Profits.

  • 4

    Simple Dimple Internet Marketing

    Exhausted trying to stay ahead of the game? Taken advantage by the "online expert of the day" that ends up being a flop? You're not alone. In this session, Howard will clear it up for you and make it SIMPLE-DIMPLE!

The 14 Fastest Ways to the CA$H

Simple Dimple Internet Marketing

12 Online Training Sessions (Video, Audio and Hand Out)

Module 1: How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Perfect Prospects

Module 2: How to Create a Phenomenal Marketing Message

Module 3: How to Create a Phone Script that Sells

Module 4: How to Consistently Make the Upsell

Module 5: How to Overcome Price Objections Consistently

Module 6: How to Create a Phenomenal Lifetime Client System

Module 7: How to Implement The Referral Reward Program

Module 8: How to Implement the Fastest Growth Tool on the Market

Module 9: How to Build a Powerful Network

Module 10: How to Establish Phenomenal Referral Partners

Module 11: How to Create Instant Clients with Direct Selling

Module 12: How to Create Ads that Sell

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