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"Goal Setting and Achievement"

In 2013, Howard became the very first Ziglar Certified Legacy Trainer in the World.
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to discover how to reach your goals with Zig Ziglar's proven methods.
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  • The 4 Basic Reasons People Don't Set Goals
  • The 7 Step Formula for Goal Setting
  • How to Create A Clear Vision For The Life You Want

October 15th – 17th in Dallas, Texas

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“What happens when you combine American Legend Zig Ziglar’s timeless wisdom with the phenomenal business systems developed by Howard Partridge? Phenomenal Success Stories in Business and Life!”

At the Howard Partridge Round Table Experience, you not only learn the proven systems of a phenomenal business (that have been proven in my own companies and small businesses around the world)…

Not only do you learn the systems in person

There is a COMMUNITY of people there to support you, guide you and encourage you. Inner Circle Members, the staff and coaching team care about your success, and will help you learn the proven systems.

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