How Effectively Are You Communicating with Your Team?

A Phenomenal Leadership System Is...

Leadership is effectively communicating your vision (mission, values and purpose). Phenomenal Leadership creates a meaningful community experience that inspires the team to implement.  A Phenomenal Leadership System is a group of working parts that duplicates results consistently.

One of the biggest reasons small business owners remain prisoners of their own making is the lack of leadership skill. The owners of the business are convinced that no one is as capable as they are and are convinced they can’t find “good” people.

I know how you feel. I have endured just about every employee night- mare you can imagine. I’ve had employees steal money from me, take my clients, and fail to show up for work leaving me to do the work all alone.

Here are the leadership systems you need to have in place:


  • Company Goals (Vision)
  • Mission - What your team does everyday to reach the vision
  • Values - Standards your team lives by
  • Purpose - Why your company exists
  • Org. Chart
  • Policies & Procedures
  • PRDs (Performance Results Descriptions) a.k.a. "job descriptions"
  • Recruiting System
  • Hiring System
  • Orientation System
  • Training System
  • Delegating Skills
  • Coaching System
  • Disciplinary System

Sounds like a LOT, doesn't it?

It is. It took me a LONG time. We can help. Get our systems and start becoming a better leader today!

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Sincerely, Howard Partridge

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Learn the Same Systems Howard Used to Transform His Business Into a Predictable Profitable, Turnkey Operation!

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"Small business owners travel from around the world to Howard's conferences"

"Small business owners travel from around the world to Howard's conferences"

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"from $225Kto $1.5M" - Eric and Larry, Shamrock Restoration

"from $225Kto $1.5M" - Eric and Larry, Shamrock Restoration