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Dear Friend and Business Owner,

It's “half-time” on the calendar year and in the game of business. How are you doing? Are you reaching your goals? Register now and learn the proven systems I used to build a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation! Hope to see you online!

Howard Partridge

Learn Howard's PROVEN Systems that Are Revolutionizing Businesses Around the WORLD! Will YOU Be the Next Phenomenal Success Story? Are YOU Ready to GROW?

Plus get Howard’s Digital Home Study Course at No Charge! $397.00 Value Alone.

Here's what you'll learn...

July 1st: Phenomenal GPS System

How to reach your goals using the Ziglar goal setting process (I’m the exclusive small business coach for Ziglar), how to plan your business (you’ll also get my business plan template), and how to build systems in your business so you no longer have to be a slave to it.

"500k Increase in 1 Year!"

Evan Desjardins
Lewiston, ME

July 8th: Phenomenal Marketing Systems

You’ll learn how to generate more repeat and referral business immediately after the session and forever into the future. Once you learn my system, you can continue to grow your business for years to come.

"From $100k to $500k!"

James and Lisa Daugette
Huntsville, AL

July 15th: Phenomenal Sales Systems

Learn my 7 Step Sales System and how to upsell more effectively. Too often your company generates prospects but fails to close the sale. That cost you a ton of money!

"107% Increase"

Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf
Bradenton, FL

July 22nd: Phenomenal Operations Systems

How to get your team to provide the most phenomenal service experience ever (without you having to be involved).

"Tripled our business!"

Tanya Barron
Glendale, CA

August 5th: Phenomenal Administration Systems

How to track your numbers for maximum profits. You’ll learn exactly how I track my numbers in QuickBooks. You’ll learn about the various tracking software available, and I’ll give you a pricing spreadsheet so you can learn how to price your service for MAXIMUM PROFITS! A business without a profit is just a HOBBY!

"Up 570%, bought my dream home and built my dream office"

Shaneh Woods
Greenville, OH

August 12th: Phenomenal Leadership Systems

How to build a phenomenal team that helps you reach your dream. You’ll learn how to find the best people and simple ways to get them to do what you want, when you want it.

"From $225k to $1.5M"

Eric Sprague
Rancho Cucamongo, CA

REGISTER NOW and Get the Digital Home Study Course Instantly

LIVE Q&A During Every Session

I’ve owned my own business for almost 31 years and have been helping business owners worldwide revolutionize their businesses. Not to be arrogant or rude, but I KNOW the solution to your challenge. Currently in my coaching program, we have 92 different industries that we coach. I’ve seen it all and probably experienced it personally. My advice is usually reserved just for coaching members and I get as much as $25,000 per client for consulting.

What would it be worth to solve the ONE THING that is holding you back? The Q&A session alone is worth the entire investment. Speaking of the investment, how much is it? It’s only 397 and you get my Digital Home Study Course instantly as soon as you register, so it really makes it free. Just one new client will pay for it. Just one extra upsell will pay for it. Just one sale that you don’t let slip through your fingers will pay for it. By avoiding just one incident in operations or tweaking your numbers slightly will more than pay for the small investment. In fact…

If you don’t make ALL of your investment back during the 6 week series,

I will give you 100% of your money back!

When are the training sessions?

The sessions happen every Wednesday at 8:00am Central (Except July 29th). Each session is 90 minutes. You can log in on your computer or call in over the phone. If you can’t be on live during that time, you can replay the session (plus you’ll have the Home Study Course to refer to). If you miss a session, you can still ask questions: During the six week program, you can e-mail questions and I will address them on each training session (which will be recorded). Also, we will have a private Facebook Group where you can post your questions and your breakthroughs.



Each webinar is 90 minutes (8:00am – 9:30am Central)

Wednesday July 1st GPS for Phenomenal Success
Wednesday July 8th Phenomenal Marketing Systems
Wednesday July 15th Phenomenal Sales Systems
Wednesday July 22nd Phenomenal Operations Systems
Wednesday August 5th Phenomenal Administration Systems
Wednesday August 12th Phenomenal Leadership Systems

REGISTER NOW and Get the Digital Home Study Course Instantly