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How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Prospects by Creating and Customizing

The 6 Phenomenal Marketing Systems in Your Business…


Free video Presentation from Howard revealed some of the Marketing systems we will be implementing at this workshop

2 Day Hands-On Marketing Training with Howard Partridge and David Frey March 20th & 21st

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Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

Would you like to reach your sales goals more consistently?

Would you like to have complete, proven, phenomenal marketing systems in your business?

Systems that generates an unlimited supply of your perfect prospects ?

Systems that doesn’t always rely on you?

The 6 Phenomenal Marketing Systems that I Use (and my coaching members use) are:

1. The Phenomenal EXPERIENTIAL Marketing System – Have you identified what makes you unique? Have you created ways to create experiences in your marketing to demonstrate how unique you are?

 2. The Phenomenal REFERRAL Marketing System – Have you identified the powerful referral sources that can GIVE you all the clients you can handle? Do you have a system of staying in touch with them? Do you have a system of taking the relationship to the next level? Have you created a referral reward program that actually works?

 3. The Phenomenal CLIENT BASE Marketing System – The biggest marketing mistake of all is not marketing to your past clients. They hopefully know you like you and trust you. Do they remember you? Who is the primary person to refer you? Your past clients.

 4. The Phenomenal INTERNET Marketing System – How is your website(s)? Do you have an opt-in? Are you capturing e-mails and communicating regularly with that list (like I’m doing right now)? Do you have a social media s-y-s-t-e-m?

 5. The Phenomenal Direct Marketing System – Have you created a message that actually gets results? Are you tracking those results? Do you know how to write phenomenal copy?

 6. The Phenomenal Direct Selling System- Have you tested calling on your target prospect in person? Some companies can benefit tremendously with this approach.

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“Increased my business 300%!”

I have been a member for 1 year and 5 months. During that time, I have increased my business up to 300%. Joining the Inner Circle was the greatest business decision I have ever made! I have grown as a person and a leader as a direct result of this organization. Forever grateful! My favorite benefits of the Inner Circle are the PODS, and monthly CD mailers. I have a hope for the future with much less stress.

Yvonne Nolte, Briklen Lane Interiors

“New sources of revenue”

I have been an Inner Circle member for one year. My membership has given me new sources of revenue. Not open to us before, it is diversifying our income. The Inner Circle has also given us valuable relationships, accountability,  & focus all of these have combined to help us help others in ways we could only imagine 12 months ago. We now have a community that includes colleagues across the country. If you’re here today, you must have a reason. Take the leap of faith and invest in yourself and your business and those you serve.

Clancy Cross, Wright Cross Performance Group

If you’re having trouble building implementing The Phenomenal Marketing Systems in your business, this event is for you… 

You may already know that my Phenomenal Marketing Systems helped me build my business from the trunk of my car to a multimillion dollar enterprise. You may know that it still helps me create record sales in my businesses – that it helped BOTH of my books hit #1 on, and you may know that small business owners worldwide are having record sales and profits using my systems.

To Find Out if this Training is for You, Take this Simple Marketing Assessment…

Rate each of the marketing systems from 1 to 10. 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal.

If you’re not a “Perfect 10”, you need to be at this event!

Here’s the problem… 

The problem is that learning the system is just the first step. Customizing it and implementing it are the next two steps. This is where most business owners get stuck.

At this 2 day HANDS-ON Training, myself, my team and Marketing MASTER David Frey will help you CUSTOMIZE our proven marketing systems for YOUR business.

 It all happens March 20th & 21st in Houston.

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Howard Partridge and David Frey will help you get your marketing system completed!

David Frey is the guy I go to when I need marketing advice. He is the world’s #1 Referral Marketing Expert and a top internet marketing expert. He agreed to help me deliver this workshop where we will actually help you create your system WHILE YOU ARE HERE.

The #1 reason small businesses don’t grow is F.T.I. (Failure To Implement).

Step one is learning the systems. Step 2 is creating them for your business, making it more likely you’ll implement them!

Many people don’t implement these systems because of the time it takes to create them, so we’re going to help you get there faster in this training.

If you want to start generating an unlimited supply of your perfect target prospects faster and easier, be at this training!

I hope to see you there! (See the agenda below)


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 Howard Partridge



“107% Increase!”

I have been an Inner Circle number for one year and it has created significant financial impacts on my business! We have more than doubled our business, and had an increase of 107% in April 2013. Being an Inner Circle member has given me financial freedom.

I’m not worried about paying bills anymore. I have a goal now. Before it was just a job, and now I see how it has a purpose and I know how to achieve goals through direction! My favorite benefits of the Inner Circle are having PODS every week; accountability keeps me focused. Events are a great encouragement and I love the audio clips from the website. Being a member in the inner circle has been life changing. I realized how my business should be a way for me to reach my life goals and has given me the tools to get there. It’s the best thing you can do for your business. I’ve never once thought about canceling my membership.

Stephanie Overturf, Overturf’s Cleaning

“50% in only 6 months”

I have been in Inner Circle member for almost 6 months. It is help it grow my business in an organized, predictable manner by at least 50% increase. I enjoy the community, working with my coach, Rick Jones, and accessibility. Before the Inner Circle, I wore two hats in my company; I was the smartest guy in the room and the dumbest guy in the room. Now it’s not lonely anymore, and I have smarter friends!

Phil Fromholz, Phil the Mover

This event is SOLD OUT! If you have any questions

please call 281-634-0404



born to win group

Session 1: Creating Your Unique Experience

In order to set yourself apart and get prospects to stand in line for you, you must be unique. You must create, market and deliver a unique experience. In this session, Howard will help you create your unique message and the tools you need to promote.

Session 2: Phenomenal Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is the most effective marketing for ANY small business, yet few businesses have a formal referral program. In this session, we will help you identify powerful referral SOURCES that can GIVE you as many perfect loyal clients you want. You’ll create your system for contacting and developing your referral sources, your referral certificate and special referral report and presentation. 

Session 3: Phenomenal Client Base Marketing

The biggest marketing mistake of all is not marketing to your past clients. They already know you like you and trust you and they are your biggest source of referrals. Marketing to past clients increases your repeat business by staying in touch, increases sales in other service or product categories by highlighting your services, sets you apart by educating them on industry information, and generates more referrals by letting them know about your referral reward program. In this session, you’ll create your unique Client Base Marketing System

Session 4: Phenomenal Direct Marketing

Learn how to write an ad using your unique message and simple copywriting techniques. Learn how to track your response and determine what ads you should use and which ones you shouldn’t.

Session 5: Phenomenal Direct Selling

You’ll learn how to make a “cold call” a phenomenally successful event!

Sessions 6-8 Phenomenal Internet and Social Media Marketing

We will help you create a simple, but effective internet marketing system and social media platform. This is more important than ever before. You’ll learn how to get the right website address, e-m

***Depending on where you are with these items, they may or may not be complete when you leave, but you will know EXACTLY what to do and how to do it. You’ll leave with full instructions.

So, how much is this 2 day, hand-on training?  To hire Dave and myself outright for a full day would cost in excess of $30k (if you could convince us to consult you. We could easily charge $2,500.00 for this training (and probably will if we do it again), but I decided to charge only 497.00 per company, and to let you bring your spouse or marketing person. Why am I offering this so inexpensive? Because I wanted to make it an easy decision. If investing 497.00 for this is not an easy decision for you, it probably isn’t for you. Just one simple system implemented can make you that much money every month, maybe every day, depending on your business.

This event is SOLD OUT! If you have any questions

please call 281-634-0404


David Frey_World Teacher Aid

 $100.00 per registration will go to help build schools in Africa that David Frey is involved in. Not only will you get your marketing systems created, you’ll be helping educate children who desperately need it!

 “Doubled my business!”

I have been an Inner Circle member for one year this month and our business has already doubled!! By getting the audio CDs and learning more about my business, and myself it has been a blessing. I really enjoy the community times, conferences, and the information on the site!! I wish I would have joined sooner!

Doug & Evelyn Dimick, New Life Carpet and Furniture Cleaning 

“Tripled our sales”

We have been members for 3 years and in that time we have tripled our business in sales, we have learned the systems and implemented a big part of it. We developed self-confidence to go to the next level. The Inner Circle has impacted our life because we have dreams again and a confidence in the future. We are not afraid to grow into hire. Our favorite benefits of the inner circle are the support, knowledge, systems, confidence and a great community. Do it! I can assure you that your life will change the moment you join. This is the best business support group you will ever have in your life.

Sylvie Traub, Four Seasons Rug & Upholstery Care

This event is SOLD OUT! If you have any questions

please call 281-634-0404