How to Create Record Sales and Profits

2 Day Hands-On Phenomenal Marketing Systems Training

March 11th & 12th at The Hilton Garden Inn Sugar Land, TX

(Seating Limited)


Dear Friend and Inner Circle Member,

Would you like to reach your sales goals more consistently?

Would you like to have complete, proven, phenomenal marketing systems in your business?

One that will consistently generate an unlimited supply of your perfect prospects?

And wouldn’t it be nice if these systems were automated so you didn’t have to be involved in every step?

Hi, I’m Howard Partridge and I’ve proven that these systems work in my own business as well as countless small businesses around the world.

My company is currently coaching in over 100 industries, so there is no doubt they will work for you. In fact, this training comes with a complete, 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's the problem...

Far too often marketing is a collection of strategies thrown together without any order behind it. This is the reality of most small businesses. The result is you end up with…

  • Inconsistent Sales
  • The Wrong Prospects
  • Too much Money Spent
  • Low Profits

Would you like to have someone who has ALREADY invested the money proving what works and what doesn't, help YOU create your marketing systems so you can get results faster?

At this Hands-On Training, we will dive deeper into the proven step-by-step systems than ever before.

The #1 Reason Small Businesses Don't Grow is F.T.I.

Failure To Implement!

Many people don't implement these systems because of the time it takes to create them, so we’re going to help you get there faster in this training.

Step 1 is learning the systems.

Step 2 is creating them for your business.

When you do these two steps in the training, you’ll be much more likely to implement. After all, you can’t implement something you don’t understand and that doesn’t exist!

Plus, you’ll have myself, my marketing directors and some of my phenomenally successful Inner Circle Members that have already traveled the road.

If you want to generate an unlimited supply of your perfect target prospects faster and easier, be at this training!

I hope to see you there!


Howard Partridge

Nothing happens in a business until a sale is made. Sales don't happen until marketing is DONE!

How to Create Record Sales and Profits

2 Day Hands-On Phenomenal Marketing Systems Training

March 11th & 12th at The Hilton Garden Inn Sugar Land, TX

Hilton Garden Inn | Sugar Land, Texas

Day 1: Friday March 11th

Session 1: Phenomenal Marketing Systems - Howard Partridge

  • Learn the 7 M’s of Phenomenal Marketing
  • The Only 3 Ways to Increase Sales
  • How to Double Your Business in 12 Months or Less
  • How to Generate More Referrals
  • How to Command Higher Prices

Session 2: Lead Generation and Promotion - Howard Partridge

  • How to Set Your Sales Goal
  • Learn How to Generate Leads from “Thin-Air”
  • How to Set Up an Opt-In
  • How to Get Your Existing List to Act Now
  • How to Promote Your Secondary Services

Lunch included with the workshop

Session 3: Create Your Digital Marketing System

In this session Victoria, and Santiago will work with you to review your web platforms and outgoing digital marketing functions.

Session 4: Phenomenal E-Mail Marketing

  • Benefits of E-Mail Marketing
  • How to Automate Your E-Mail Marketing
  • How Often to E-Mail
  • What Not to Do
  • E-Mail Open Rates and Click-Throughs

I love this man! No one does referral marketing like Howard.

Dave Frey Dave Frey
Referral Marketing Expert

I’ve learned a TON about marketing from Howard.

Tom Ziglar Tom Ziglar
CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and Proud Son of Zig Ziglar

Day 2: Saturday March 12th

Session 1 and 2: The Phenomenal Referral Systems – Howard Partridge and Marketing Director Aliki Thanos

  • How to Create/Update Your Referral Source List
  • How to Create/Update Your Referral Reward Program
  • How to Set Up Your Route Books
  • How to Make a Referral Source Visit
  • How to Choose Your Secret Weapon!

Session 3: Your Phenomenal Marketing PLAN – Howard Partridge

  • How to Create a Marketing Calendar
  • How to Automate Processes
  • How to Delegate Tasks
  • How to Stay on Track!
  • How to Insure Maximum IMPLEMENTATION!

Lunch included with the workshop

Session 4: Phenomenal Implementation – Santiago Arango

Learn simple, but effective ways to get maximum implementation, to automate processes, and outline first steps upon your return home.

Here's the Investment

The two day training is 497 per company for Inner Circle 747 Members. Inner Circle 777, 787 and Phenom 100 is only 79 per person. Just a few referrals, or one good referral source will pay for this training many times over.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely thrilled with the training, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment. We are interested in long term relationships and are not concerned with short-term profits.

Hurry, We Can Only Seat 50 Attendees!

Since this is a hands-on training, are only offering 50 seats. Plus, we already released this at the Inner Circle Conference and the seats are already half full. This workshop will sell out in no time, so ACT NOW if you want to attend this phenomenal training.