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The Great Game of Business

Howard Partridge
The Path to Mastery

Dr. Nathaniel Hearne
Developing a Champion Mindset

Krystal Parker
Business Is My Sport

Dear Valued Inner Circle Member,

If you were at the conference, you got to hear Krystal Parker and Coach Nate. They were both phenomenal. And you got a small taste of The Great Game of Business. I know you want to master the skill of being a coach leader.

You want to…

Be CONFIDENT in Every Situation
Build Your SKILL LEVEL as a Coach
Connect with a Highly Seasoned COACHING Team
Sustain and Retain a High Performing Team

Introducing Master the Game!

The key to mastery is practicing under people who have mastered the skill. That is what I have done over my career. I have intentionally put myself around people who are wiser than me. I joined every program. 

You do not gain mastery only by learning. And really not even by doing (although doing is a phenomenal teacher). You master a skill by learning, doing, and getting feedback

My goal for you in the Master the Game Course is to master your coach leadership skills!

Here’s the plan...

Leadership Training with Krystal Parker

Beginning March 20th - Ends May 1st

Every Monday morning at 9:00am Central

All sessions recorded for replay

Ask any questions you like

$997.00 Value $997.00 Value

Develop A Championship Mindset With Dr. Nathaniel Hearne

Event: April 28th & 29th - Arlington, TX

$497.00 Value $497.00 Value

Mentoring with Dr. Hearne

Every Monday at 10:00am Central
Begins May 8th - July 24th

$2997.00 Value $2997.00 Value

The Great Game of Business Workshop with Steve Baker

Immediate Access to the Course, when you Enroll in Master The Game

8 Weeks of Coaching with Steve Baker (Vice President of The Great Game of Business) and Howard Partridge (Certified Great Game Coach)

Begins July

$1997.00 Value $1997.00 Value

The Path to Mastery with Howard Partridge

Howard will lead you through the process of mastery from The One Thing Training. As a certified One Thing Trainer, there is a Path to Mastery. Master your habits, master your calendar, master your time, master your life.

$2997.00 Value $2997.00 Value

That’s a Total Value of $9,500.00

Only 5,000
or Six Installments of 1,000 each

YOU SAVE $4,500.00 !!!


Do Single Investment by Friday March 10th and You Get…

DISC Certification
with Howard Partridge and Dr. Robert Rohm in Destin!

April 15th & 16th

**If you cannot make this date, you will get a ticket to a future one**

$2997.00 Value Free $2997.00 Value Free

Replay the Inner Circle Conference!!!

(or get a free ticket to May Conference)


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