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Every week I teach a live webcast to our Inner Circle Coaching Members. I share a new piece of the proven business systems I used to build my companies (and that I still use today).

Now, you can subscribe to my Live Weekly Webcast without becoming a full coaching member!

Learn the same step-by-step systems each week from Howard Partridge

You’ll learn the same systems small business owners just like you are using to…

  • Record Sales and Profits

    Business Owners around the world are using these systems and strategies to have record sales and profits in their business.

  • Systems

    Business owners are using the step-by-step guide and systematizing their business.

  • More Time Off

    They are having more time off and finally having freedom from their business.

Increased income by $500k and profits by $158k in the first year!

Evan Desjardins

By learning and implementing Howard’s systems, I increased income by $500k and profits by $158k in the first year! I fired myself. My technology business is finally turnkey and have gone on to become the President of Ziglar, Inc.

Evan Desjardins Lewiston, ME

Now, you can join me every week (or replay the session anytime) on a subscription basis!

Here’s how it works…

You simply subscribe and we send you an invite to the Live Weekly Webcast. If you can attend live, show up, learn and ask me any question you like.

Can’t attend live? No problem! You’ll get the session replay that you can listen to or watch on any device – watch it on your computer, listen to it on your phone, or while your driving down the road!

Here’s what you’ll learn over the next few weeks…

Between now and mid-February, I’ll be teaching my “Phenomenal Simple-Dimple Business Plan”. You’ll get my actual business planning document so you can fill it in as we go.

Having a business plan is vital for phenomenal success, yet few business owners actually have one, which is the reason most small business owners are…

  • Floundering…
  • Unprofitable…
  • Unfocused…
  • Distracted...

And not building the business they truly want.

What about you? Do you have a written business plan?

You can fix that now, by joining my Live Weekly Inner Circle Webcast.

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How To Get More Clients!

After finishing the 2017 Phenomenal Business Planning Series, I’m going to teach Phenomenal Marketing Systems.

These are the same systems I used (and still use) to generate the very best clients for my businesses (and a lot of them!) These are the same systems other business owners have used to double or triple their companies!

From a disorganized $8.5M to a focused $11M

Matt McKinley

With Howard’s systems, my business went from a disorganized $8.5M to a focused $11M

Matt McKinley Canton, Texas

My companies continue to break records with these marketing systems. This past November was our biggest month EVER. And December was our biggest December ever.

How do we keep doing it? Other than the Grace of Almighty God, it’s the Phenomenal Marketing Systems I have perfected over the years.

Now, you can learn them step-by-step and ask me any question you like along the way!

The next session is THIS Tuesday morning! Subscribe TODAY and get invited this week! Don’t miss a thing!

Subscribe Today and Get These 3 BONUS Items…

BONUS ITEM #1: SAVE $50.00 Every Month

BONUS ITEM #2: The Phenomenal Systems Course

Recently, I taught a live six week course where I went through each of my major systems:

  1. Phenomenal GPS – Goals, Plans and Systems to get from where you are to where you want to be.
  1. Phenomenal Marketing Systems – How to generate an unlimited supply of your perfect, ready-to-buy prospects.
  1. Phenomenal Sales Systems – How to close more sales at higher prices.
  1. Phenomenal Operations Systems – How to create phenomenal service systems that don’t rely on you.
  1. Phenomenal Administration Systems – How to create phenomenal profits in your business.
  1. Phenomenal Leadership Systems – How to attract, hire and develop phenomenal dream team members.

BONUS ITEM #3: Replay the Four Most Recent Sessions!

As soon as you register, you’ll be able to access our “Most Recent Webcast” Vault. In there, you’ll find the four most recent webcasts so you can go ahead and get started learning right away.


Howard Partridge
President of Phenomenal Products, Inc.

Are you ready for your most phenomenal year EVER?

Do you have a solid PLAN for that?

Would you like to eliminate the GUESSWORK and have a PROVEN PATH to follow?

Here’s a quick recap of the offer:

  • Join me every week and ask any question you like.
  • Replay any session on any device at anytime.
  • Download and keep any and all documents shared on the webcast.
  • Bonus 1: Subscribe now and Save $50.00 Per Month.
  • Bonus 2: Subscribe now and get my 6 Part Phenomenal – Systems Course FREE! $197.00 Value (actually priceless!)
  • Bonus 3: Access the 4 most recent webcasts at no charge $197.00 Value.

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When is the live webcast?

The live webcast is every Tuesday at 9:00am Central. You'll receive an e-mail invite the day before the webcast with a link to register.


How do I access the replay?

Once you subscribe, you'll be sent an e-mail with your login credentials to our training site. Each week the replay will be posted.

What if I can't attend the webcast live?

No worries! We will have the replay up on the training website within 24 hours of the live session.


Is there a minimum commitment to this program?

Nope! Cancel anytime. Just contact the team and we'll be sure to help you right away.