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Dear Friend and Business Owner,

Every human being has a longing for belonging.

We all want to feel loved, accepted, and validated. We want to feel that our lives matter. Deep down, we want to belong to something bigger than ourselves.

Deep down we want to make a positive difference. Today, we are more connected digitally than ever before, but seem to feel more isolated and disconnected personally than ever.

This sense of isolation not only affects our personal lives, but dramatically affects our work life as well. Studies reveal that 70% of American workers are disengaged from their work. Perhaps even more disturbing, 18% of those workers are actively disengaged, meaning they are actually working against the success of the company. Not surprisingly, this lack of positive purpose bleeds over from employees to customers, and has a serious negative impact on our organizations.

That's what I'll unpack on my Inner Circle Webcast this Tuesday at 9:00am.

On this webinar, I'll share one simple concept by which leaders can reengage their team members and transform their business to be phenomenally successful.

That concept is found in a word called “community”, and that’s what The Power of True Community is all about.

Join me on Tuesday, June 20th at 9:00am Central Time where I'll teach you how to build a sense of community in your organization that will not only help you...

  • Engage your team
  • Create more loyal and devoted clients
  • And Create higher returns for your organization

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You’ll learn the same systems small business owners just like you are using to…

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    Business Owners around the world are using these systems and strategies to have record sales and profits in their business.

  • Build Systems

    Business owners are using the step-by-step guide and systematizing their business.

  • Have More Time Off

    They are having more time off and finally having freedom from their business.

Increased income by $500k and profits by $158k in the first year!

Evan Desjardins

By learning and implementing Howard’s systems, I increased income by $500k and profits by $158k in the first year! I fired myself. My technology business is finally turnkey and have gone on to become the President of Ziglar, Inc.

Evan Desjardins Lewiston, ME

I Built My Business from Zero to 47 Happy, Productive, Amazing Employees

John Torres

With Howard’s systems, my company quickly grew to over $600k, then to $2M and today we have 47 amazing team members. I’m living my dream because of what I learned from Howard and so are many of my team members.

John Torres Riviera Beach, FL

From a disorganized $8.5M to a focused $11M

Matt McKinley

With Howard’s systems, my business went from a disorganized $8.5M to a focused $11M

Matt McKinley Canton, Texas

My companies continue to break records without me even having to be involved. This past November was our biggest month EVER. And December was our biggest December ever.

How do we keep doing it? Other than the Grace of Almighty God, it’s the Phenomenal Business Systems and building a Community inside my organizations – I have perfected these elements over the years.

Now, you can learn them directly from me and ask me any question you like along the way!

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See you online.

Howard Partridge
President of Phenomenal Products, Inc.