Under The Seaside Sun

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What is it about the seashore that seems so soothing and relaxing? Is it the scent of the salt-filled air? The rhythmic sound of waves lapping onto the sand? Or is it the faint call of the distant seagull? Maybe it’s the endless horizon, the tranquility of warm emerald waters, or the expanse of a sky painted blue. Or even the therapeutic feeling of digging one’s toes into soft pillow-like sand.

Whatever it is, being by the shore seems soothe the soul like no other place for those who love the sea. This welcomed trance creates the perfect environment to get away from the noise and stress of modern life. It’s the perfect place to rest, relax and recharge. The perfect place to reconnect with God and allow him to renew and restore the soul.

Why are we so addicted to the hectic pace of our world today? Why do we chase away silence and fill it with endless entertainment or the latest-breaking “news”? Why do we over stuff our minds with meaningless distractions? And when we finally take a vacation, we pursue so many activities that we need a vacation after the vacation!

How can we hear God in the midst of it all? How can we hear our own reflections? How can we pray? Why did Jesus retreat from the crowds so often to spend time alone with His heavenly Father? Why did David feel led into “green pastures” and beside “still waters”? Why was it important to them to get away and spend time with God?

Jesus and David both understood the power of solitude, prayer and reflection. And speaking of God, why was He walking in the coolness of the morning looking for Adam and Eve? He wanted to spend time with them. And He wants to spend time with you. He created you. He loves you. He cares about you. You are His special creation. You are His child. You were made in His image.

Under the Seaside Sun is about getting away and getting with God. It’s about walking with God in the coolness of the morning. It’s about reflecting on God’s glory as the sun begins it’s daily ascent and rejoicing in Him at it’s descent. It’s about retreating to a quiet, inspirational place, to spend time with God.

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