My Most Outrageous Offer Ever! Get Access to My Online Training Vault Loaded with Proven Business Systems to Grow a Phenomenal Business...

"Howard Partridge is Ziglar's Exclusive Business Coach" - Tom Ziglar

Dear Friend and Fellow Small Business Owner,

About once a year, usually at this time I release what I call my “most outrageous offer ever” where I bundle as much of my training together as possible for as little as possible.

Why do I do that?

Two reasons…

The first reason is purely selfish. I have big goals and by releasing a special offer like this, I can create a lot of cash in a short amount of time. I’m finally building my dream home in Destin, FL and I want to create as much cash as possible for that venture.

You help me. I help you.

That brings me to the second reason… I KNOW how much my training helps small business owners, but you may feel like you can’t afford it, or you don’t know if it will work for you, or whatever.

Creating a “no-brainer” offer like this helps YOU get off the fence and find out.

So… what’s including in this “Most Outrageous Offer Ever”?

  • Get Access to My Online Training Vault for an Entire YEAR
  • The Phenomenal Marketing Systems Course $597.00 Value
  • The Phenomenal Leadership Systems Course $597.00 Value
  • The Phenomenal GPS Systems Course $597.00 Value
  • Plus the video, audio and hand outs from EIGHT live conferences (yes I said eight) that feature some of the world's TOP business trainers and authors
  • Audio Recording

    Stream the audio from your computer or download and add to your iPod, iPhone or Smart Device.

  • Video Recording

    Stream the video presentation from your computer, iPhone or Smart Device.

  • PDF Download

    Downloadable PDF file to follow along and take notes. Print unlimited copies for your own files.

These are the same systems small business owners are using around the world to revolutionize their businesses.

They are getting more customers, making more money and improving their personal lives.


Here's a list of the training modules
(scroll down to see the other cool stuff that is included):

Howard-SpeakingSection 1: Phenomenal Marketing Systems
How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Perfect Target Prospects

  • The 7 M's of Phenomenal Marketing
  • Creating Your 5 Point Marketing Message
  • The Biggest Marketing Mistake of All Time
  • The Phenomenal Referral Reward Program
  • How to Make Internet Marketing Simple
  • The Fastest Marketing Tool on Earth: How to Create New Clients Out of "Thin Air"
  • How to Create Effective Online Videos for Your Business
  • How to Make a Referral Source/ Direct Prospect Visit
  • Phenomenal Direct Advertising
  • Effective Networking – The Key to Referral Marketing
  • How to Get People to Stand in Line to Do Business With You
  • How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Clients

20150430_IC_4581(1)Section 2: Phenomenal Leadership Systems
How to Lead Your Team to Phenomenal Success

  • Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership
  • Attract and Recruit Phenomenal Team Members
  • How to Properly Interview
  • Interviewing and Hiring
  • Delegating and Coaching
  • DISC Advantage - The Home Behavior and Communication Model
  • Developing Your Phenomenal Vision
  • How to Create a Phenomenal Compensation
  • Develop Your Phenomenal Dream Team
  • BONUS Module: The #1 Leadership Expert in the World (Guess who! We can't publicly post this speaker's name.)
  • BONUS Module: Dr. Robert Rohm – Team Building and Human Behavior Expert

HP-Stage-Ziglar-LogoSection 3:  GPS - How to Set Your Goals, Plan Your Business and Build Systems

  • The ONE THING Required to Reach Your Goals
  • It All Starts with a Dream
  • 7 Step Goals System
  • The Daily Time Capsule
  • The 5 Levels of BEcoming Phenomenal
  • Simple Dimple Business Plan Part 1
  • Simple Dimple Business Plan Part 2
  • Simple Dimple Business Plan Part 3
  • Simple Dimple Marketing Plan
  • Systems 1- Marketing
  • Systems Part 2 - Sales
  • Systems Part 3 - Operations
  • Systems Part 4 - Administration
  • Systems Part 5 - Leadership
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – Creating Your Org Chart
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – PRD's (Position Results Description)
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – Policies and Procedures
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – The ONE Thing
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – Live to Win with Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.
  • Phenomenal Systems and Implementation – The 4 Keys to Overcoming F.T.I. (Failure to Implement)
  • BONUS! 12 Week Implementation Course with Howard Partridge (Live Now – New Sessions Added Each Week)

Plus, Get the Video, Audio and Hand Outs of EIGHT Live Conferences Featuring Some of the World's TOP Business Trainers...

Yes, I said EIGHT Full Conferences Replays!

I hold a major conference three times per year. Business owners travel from around the world to attend our conferences and we record each one of them. The conference replays are only available to our Inner Circle Coaching Members and are not available for sale ANYWHERE.

With this offer, you’ll get all eleven conferences on audio, video and the hand outs that go with each one:

May 2016 - How to Create, Market and Deliver the Most Phenomenal Experience Ever featuring #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author and International Branding Expert Dr. Joseph A. Michelli

The one thing that will set your company apart is the experience you provide. But in order to get people to line up for the experience, you must know how to create the right experience and how to market the experience.

  • Where Are You Going? – Santiago Arango
  • How Will You Get There? – Howard Partridge
  • How to Marketing For Mercedes Clients – Howard Partridge
  • STOP Being a SLAVE to Your Business – Howard Partridge
  • 3 Letters – Scott REib
  • Live to Win – Howard Partridge
  • Keynote: Driven to Delight – Dr. Joseph Michelli
  • Creating Loyal Customers Creates More Sales – Rick Jones
  • How to Sell to "Mercedes Clients" – Santiago Arango

February 2016 - The ONE Thing Conference featuring The Creators of The ONE Thing Workshop

Gary Keller’s book “The ONE Thing – The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” was the theme of this conference. The One Thing has been life changing for Howard and many of his members.

  • How To Have Your Most Phenomenal Year Ever! – Howard Partridge
  • 8 Questions to Eliminate Signer's Remorse – Scott Reib
  • Simple Dimple Digital Marketing – Howard Partridge
  • Live to Win – Tom Ziglar
  • From Survival to Significance – Hanna Pintozzi
  • Advanced Business Systems – Howard Partridge
  • Keynote: The ONE Thing – Shon Kokoszka & Don Hobbs
  • Power of the Open Heart Encounters – Howard Partridge

October 2015 - The Ziglar Business Growth Conference

This conference combines the wisdom of American Legend Zig Ziglar and the Phenomenal Business Systems Howard created which equals “Better than Phenomenal”Success!

  • Live to Win – Tom Ziglar
  • Phenomenal Relationship Marketing – Howard Partridge
  • Conducting Effective Employee Appraisals – Rick Jones, Inner Circle Coach
  • How to Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes that Kill Small Businesses – Scott Reib, Texas Attorney
  • The Client Whisperer – Bruch DeLoatch
  • Special VIP Session with Tom Ziglar
  • 3 Steps to a Phenomenal Culture – Howard Partridge
  • Phenomenal Financial Success – Ellen Rohr
  • Pump Your Way to Success – Howard Partridge
  • Spiritual Night Testimony – Julie Ziglar
  • Keynote: Bob Beaudine

May 2015 - The Phenomenal Dream Team Conference Featuring Dr. Robert Rohm

This conference goes deeper into attracting and developing phenomenal dream team members. Dr. Robert Rohm is the world authority on The DISC Model of Human Behavior

  • How to Attract Phenomenal Team Members – Howard Partridge
  • How to Get Your Employees to Do What You Want, When You Want It – Howard Partridge
  • How to Lead and Succeed in Business – Rick Jones, Inner Circle Coach
  • Building Winning Relationships – Tom Ziglar, The Proud Son of Zig Ziglar
  • How to Inspire and Reward Your Team – Howard Partridge
  • BONUS SESSION: Q&A with Rick Jones and Howard Partridge
  • How to Properly Interview – Rick Jones
  • How to Dramatically Improve Team Productivity – Santiago Arango
  • How to Close Sales at Higher Prices – Howard Partridge
  • Keynote: The Human Behavior Model – Dr. Robert Rohm

February 2015 – The Phenomenal SUCCESS Conference Featuring Darren Hardy

Possibly one of the best keynotes in our conference history, Darren Hardy, former publisher of SUCCESS Magazine shares what he has learned about success from interviewing the world’s most successful people.

  • How to Be a Phenomenal Success in L.I.F.E. and in Business – Howard Partridge
  • The 14 Fastest Ways to the CASH - Simple Dimple Internet Marketing – Howard Partridge
  • Special Member-Only Session with Rick Jones – How to Plan for Phenomenal Success in 2015
  • Special Member-Only Session with Tom Ziglar, Proud Son of Zig Ziglar
  • Special Member-Only Session with Howard Partridge and Rick Jones - Inner Circle Community Time
  • How to BE a Phenomenal Successful in L.I.F.E. and in Business Part II - Howard Partridge
  • The Wisdom of Jim Rohn - Presented by Kyle Wilson, Mentee of Jim Rohn
  • Special Breakout Session with Rick Jones - Flesh Out Your Business Plan
  • Spiritual Night - Tom Ziglar & Howard Partridge
  • How to BE a Phenomenal Success in L.I.F.E. and in Business Part III - Howard Partridge
  • Keynote: The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

October 2014 – The Howard Partridge Round Table Featuring Ellen Rohr

Ellen Rohr build Benjamin Franklin Plumbing from zero to over $40M in franchise sales in less than 18 months. She knows how to scale businesses and she helped Howard’s companies become super profitable.

  • How to Get People to Stand in Line and Do Business With You – Howard Partridge
  • How to Generate An Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Clients – Howard Partridge
  • Special Member Experience Part I – Rick Jones, Inner Circle Coach
  • Special Member Experience Part II – Rick Jones, Inner Circle Coach
  • Special Member Only Session with Howard Partridge
  • Phenomenal Financial Success with Ellen Rohr
  • Santiagoman! Howard's Right-Hand Man
  • Building Your Best You - Tom Ziglar
  • Spiritual Night - Phillip Hatfield
  • Keynote: Dr. Joseph Michelli

May 2014 – The Howard Partridge Round Table featuring ***Mr. X

*** We cannot tell you who this is because we promised not to advertise this keynote but to only offer it on a password protected site. Let’s just say that Howard paid many tens of thousands of dollars for this speaker and he is one of the TOP speakers in the world. This ONE keynote will be worth the ENTIRE investment you make in this offer.

  • Think and Be Phenomenally Successful – Howard Partridge
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – Howard Partridge
  • 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Workshop – Howard Partridge
  • Becoming a Person of Influence – Howard Partridge
  • Building the Best You – Tom Ziglar
  • Sales Secrets of a Phenomenal Wife – Mrs. Phenomenal, Denise Partridge
  • 90 Day Simple Dimple Business Plan – Santiago Arango, Inner Circle Coach
  • ***Very Special Keynote: Mr. X

Feb 2014 – The Phenomenal Secrets Conference featuring Michael E. Gerber

Inc. Magazine calls Michael Gerber the #1 small business expert in the world. The standing ovation Michael received in this keynote shows it. Michael says “the secret of business is the system”. This conference was built around the “secrets”of a phenomenal business.

  • Confernece Intro and Goal Setting – Howard Partridge
  • How to Plan Your Business for Phenomenal Success – Howard Partridge
  • How to Create a Flood of Referrals Without Asking – Dave Frey, Marketing Expert
  • Ultimate Marketing Systems – Howard Partridge
  • How To Increase Sales Part 1 – Santiago Arango, Inner Circle Coach
  • How To Increase Sales Part 2 – Santiago Arango, Inner Circle Coach

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