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For the first time ever, a group of industry veterans have come together to bring you the facts - the proven procedures based on decades of success and experience.

Our Faculty

“From $120k to Half a Million. Work Less, More Family Time, and an Increase in Sales!” –Chris Myatt

“Quadrupled our business. Bought out our competitor”
–Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf

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    Facebook Group Community

    This Facebook Group is run by our faculty of experts who have been in the cleaning industry for decades and have a proven track record of success. Now you can avoid the spider-web of juvenile behavior that permeates other Facebook groups. This group of veteran faculty members are there to support you in the areas of…

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    Technical Expertise

    Expert advice on the technical issues, equipment and terms.

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    Cleaning Procedures

    Carpet, upholstery, rugs, hard surfaces and restoration.

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    Business Systems

    Marketing, sales, systems, and tracking your numbers.

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    Leadership Development

    How to become the leader you need to be to attract the people you need.

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    Free E-Mail Tips

    Every week, you’ll get valuable tips that will help you grow a phenomenal business, based on the proven systems that have been used by the faculty members themselves.

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    PCRC Blog

    Stay updated on the latest news and trends in the cleaning and restoration industry! To view and subscribe, visit

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If you are out of line we will let you know, if you keep being out of line we will let you go.

Jim McDonough

Closed out our 2nd biggest month ever in our historically slowest month!

Jim McDonough Veterans Cleaning Solutions

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