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How to Become a Phenomenal Presenter
So You Can Deliver Your Message with Confidence


Dear Friend,

Whether you want to deliver a phenomenal presentation for your staff meeting, at the local Chamber of Commerce, or to a large audience, your ability to present well determines the outcome you will get.

The problem is that most business owners, coaches, authors or trainers haven’t had very much training if any. This is true of professional speakers as well.

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s richest individuals, said that learning to speak in public was the most valuable skill he ever learned. “If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential”

When I started my business, I didn’t have any training in speaking, yet I was in a position to present my services to prospects, introduce myself at networking groups and do presentations to groups of referral sources on occasion. Even when I began my training business, I didn’t have very much training.

I have been certified by The Zig Ziglar Corporation and I present at every Ziglar Certification Training. As the exclusive small business coach for Ziglar, Inc. and VP and Director of Training Operations at Ziglar, I have learned from the greatest inspirational teacher of all time.

Over the past 25 years, I have presented across the world to small and large groups, doing keynotes, workshops, emceeing, and just about any other format you can imagine. I host my own multi-day conferences that have featured some of the greatest communicators in the business world including Michael Gerber, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, and many more.

I have diligently studied them, and for the first time ever, I would like to share what I have learned, what I have practiced and what I have mastered so that YOU can take your business, career or organization to the next level.

Why am I doing this? And why now?

My good friend and phenomenal speaker Michelle Prince and I started a group called The Power of Authority Group (named after her book The Power of Authority). During one of the sessions, one of the members asked me if I would consider teaching the group how to be a better speaker.

As you probably already know, the fear of public speaking is right up there with the fear of death! One of the many trainings that I have done, was a master level training by a man who worked with undercover agents in the CIA and other parts of the government. He revealed to us why people have that fear and what to do about it. That will be just one of the things I will share with you.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who has to speak in public for any reason. Business owners and corporate leaders have to promote their company and lead their team. Authors have to promote their book, coaches, trainers and speakers must deliver a memorable experience for their audience, and non-profit staff must get donors to open their checkbook and get volunteers fired up.


In this session, I will share with you the things that most effective communicators have in common and how you can adopt some of the same traits and techniques including…

Session Topics:

How to Gain Rapport with an Audience Immediately

How to Keep Your Audience Interested

How to Manage Your Nerves

How to Stay On Track and Get Back on Track if You Stray


Session Topics:

The 3 Words that Have Helped Me the Most

What You Need to Know About the Audience

How to Create an Effective Outline

The Top Frameworks that I Use Most Often

What You Need to Know About the Venue and Schedule


Session Topics:

What to Wear and Why

Effective Story Telling

How to OWN the Room and Avoid Issues Before they Arise

How to Deal with Interruptions Including AV Issues, Contradictory Audience Members, and Other Interruptions.

Audio Visual - What to Use and How to Use

SESSION 4: How to Create a Compelling Call To Action

Session Topics:

How to Create the Right Offer for the Group

How to Manage Your Product Table

How to Follow Up with Audience Members for More Impact After the Event

How to Get Invited Back Again

How to Use a Debrief to Create Future Phenomenal Events!

This Event's REPLAY Is Only $197.00

When You Purchase the Recordings...

you will get the video, audio and handouts

Why is the price so low?

Because I don’t want “price” to be a reason you miss something so rare! I KNOW you will get more out of this one event's recording than you can possibly imagine, and that you will be blown away.

I was TERRIBLE when I first started my business! 

The first live training course I did had four people in attendance and the VHS tape (yes, that is how long ago it was) needed a warning label on it like “WARNING: Do not operate heavy equipment while listening to this tape!”  

It was BORING!

If a guy that grew up on welfare like me, or a guy like Zig Ziglar who grew up poor during the depression can become a phenomenal presenter, so can you!

Introduction: What Makes a Presenter Phenomenal? What the greatest presenters have in common.

Regardless of your post in life, there will be times that you'll have to speak in public. Whether you're coaching pee wee football, or a professional that needs to influence a team or audience; presentation skills are essential to getting your message planted into the hearts and minds of those you are called to serve.

The problem is that most people are afraid to present to an audience. In fact, it has been said the fear of public speaking is right up there with fear of death! There is a specific reason for that fear and I will share that with you shortly.

I know how you feel. I've been practicing this craft for almost four decades. I learned early in my career that when I could speak to groups, I could multiply my impact and maximize my time, compared to calling on each of those people individually. Whether it was a lunch and learn at the Chamber of Commerce, or to group of designers that I wanted to refer my company to their clients, I could get my message out to more people in a meaningful way. "Public Speaking" is also one of the best ways to position yourself as the authority in your field.

For the past twenty-five years as a professional speaker, trainer and coach, I’ve been blessed to deliver just about every possible flavor of presenting. From keynotes, webinars, workshops, and interviews, and to build a phenomenal worldwide community that I present to on a regular basis. I've also blessed to learn from some of the most effective communicators in the world, including Zig Ziglar and John Maxwell.

One of my clients asked me if I would be open to doing a workshop on presentation skills, so that’s what this work is all about.

In this replay you’ll learn how to…
Create a compelling message that inspires your audience
Deliver it with passion and authenticity
So that you can be more successful in whatever you do!

8 Steps to Deliver a Compelling Message to Your Most Important Audience

Just follow the 8 steps to phenomenal presenting success so you can…

1. Structure A Compelling Message - A Planned Presentation Keeps You On Track.

2. Inspire Your Audience - Techniques For Greater Impact.

3. Adjust For Various Time Frames - From Short Introductions, To Multi-Day Events.

4. Leverage Technology - Using Slides, Videos, Zoom, And More.

5. Own The Room - Don't Expect The Host To Think Of Everything.

6. Overcome Unexpected Issues - They Will Happen, So Be Prepared!

7. Create And Deliver A Compelling Offer - Avoid The "Sin Of The Desert".

8. Follow Up For More Impact - Continue Building The Relationships You Began.

Instead of remaining gripped with fear or being unsure of how to present your important message.

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