12 Part LIVE Referral Marketing Webinar Series with Aliki Thanos

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Aliki Thanos, Marketing Director with Howard Partridge

Aliki Thanos tripled Howard's referral source referrals in less than one year. Continue your journey to mastery and get the support and training you need for your team with this step-by-step live (and recorded) video training with Aliki. Ask any question you like, and get feedback on your experiences.

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"We now know EXACTLY how to do Referral Marketing...
in great detail! Aliki is very personable and helpful!"

Todd Vincent  |  Sharpsburg, GA

The course will cover the following subjects:

1. OPEN SESSION – Join Howard and Aliki Thanos for an option discussion on Referral Marketing and the Webinar Series. No Charge for all Inner Circle Members.

2. Branding – (includes dress code, your 60 second commercial, attitude, IMAGE, mission, values)

3. Routing – How to Set Up Your Route Books and Organizational System, and how to set up your marketing calendar.

4. Secret Weapons – What's in your Goodie Bag?

5. How to Build Relationships – DISC, FORM, and how to use it to build relationships with referral sources.

6. How to Overcome Referral Objections – There are potential objections. Know what to say on each one.

7. How to Do a Breakfast Presentation – How to book them, how to present, PowerPoints®, scripts food, demos and programs.

8. Situations to Embrace or Avoid – Aliki shares her experiences of awkward situations to run from and situations to embrace.

9. Marketing Campaigns and "Advertising" – Learn the various uses of Send Out Cards in Referral Marketing, and other forms of marketing your small business.

10. Networking Events – What networking events to invest time in and which ones are a waste of time.

11. Referral Marketing Meetings – Budgets, Goals, Vision, Tracking and Reporting.

12. TBD – Course Review

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