"STOP Begging for Referrals and START Generating a Constant Stream of New Customers Using Proven Referral Systems that You Can Put on Autopilot"

"Discover Unusual Referral Strategies to Quickly Create a Predictable Stream of New Customers for Your Small Business, Without Any Face-to-Face Asking

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The Referral Mastery Seminar

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How to Increase Your Referrals TODAY!

Introducing an Amazing Opportunity to Automatically Produce an Endless Stream of Hot Qualified Prospects...

From Referral Marketing Expert David Frey…

In my humble opinion, there are two reasons why you're not getting more referrals -- the first one is...

1. You Get Absolutely Sick At the Thought of Asking for a Referral


2. Your Customers Are Too Busy (or Lazy) to Give You Referrals

If you fall into the first category, you're not alone.  You and most other business people and independent professionals get ill at the thought of asking for referrals.  If you're like me you simply HATE asking for referrals.

Do you...

  • Hate imposing on your good customers who have become your personal friends?
  • Feel like a multi-level marketer begging friends and family members for the names and contact information of their close friends?
  • Get tired of trying to memorize silly referral scripts to manipulate your friends?
  • Dislike the embarrassment and shame you feel when being rejected?
  • Get sweaty palms and a sick feeling just getting up the nerve to ask?


  • Are you tired of getting promises for referrals that never materialize?
  • Are you frustrated by giving lots of referrals but getting none in return?
  • Have a difficult time getting your customers or clients motivated to talk about you?
  • Are you irritated because you have no controlover the referral process?

If this describes you in the least bit, then the Referral Mastery System was developed specifically for you.  You see, the beauty of this program is that you can...

"...Get a Never Ending Stream of New Customers or Clients Using Proven Referral Systems that Keep on Working Like a Machine -- Even While You're on Vacation -- Without Having to Ask for Them."

Instead of relying on customers, clients, friends, or "centers of influence" to have to remember to talk about your business to their network of friends, the Referral Mastery System will show you how you get referrals without having to ask for them.

In fact, the Referral Mastery System will allow you to...

  • Never have to ask another person face-to-face for a referral ever again.
  • Get all the referrals you can handle with the pride and dignity that you deserve.
  • Put robotic referral systems in place that keep working day in and day out.
  • Get highly qualified referrals that are eager to do business with you.
  • Incentivize customers so that they're highly motivated to talk about your business.
  • Get customers and clients to tap deep into their network to give you referrals.
  • Give you complete control over the amount of referrals you get.
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Isn't that what a high-performing referral program is supposed to do? See the list of business owners and professionals who have already benefited from the Instant Referral Systems program above. 

Remember, not all referral programs are the same. From my long-time business consulting experience I've seen many referral programs and have concluded that...

"...There are Three Types of Referral Programs, (1) Ones that Don't Work, (2) Ones that Bring Mediocre Results, and (3) Those that Have the Ability to Transform Your Business. Here's How to Tell the Difference..."

The best referral programs that have the power to transform your business all have these five characteristics:

  1. They are systematic. This means that the referral program can be replicated over and over again with the same or better results.  The best referral systems keep on generating referrals automatically.
  1. They work on a one-to-many basis. High performance referral systems get multiple people to refer your business simultaneously (Note: This is one of the problems with asking for referrals -- it's a one-to-one type of referral program, not a one-to-many).
  1. They have the ability to tap into people's networks. Transformational referral systems tap deep into people's network of friends, family, and associates.  They don't just stop at the occasional, one-off referral.
  1. They use incentives to motivate people to refer. Let's face it -- most people are either lazy or too busy to care about your business so the best referral systems use an incentive system to keep the referrals flowing.
  1. They refer people to high quality products and services. - No referral system will run for a very long time without having a high quality product or service to back it up (This is your responsibility).

With most of the referral programs in the Referral Mastery Workshop you'll be able to...

"Turn Up or Down Your Referral Streams at Will Like a Fine-Tuned Furnace. If You Want More Referrals -- You Just Turn Up the Heat!"

The reason you can do this is because the Referral Mastery Program is a set of SYSTEMS that are proven to work.  A system, is a process, which produces results that are, (1) predictable, (2) consistent, and (3) replicable meaning that they work the same way, over and over and produce the same results every time.

I get excited about referral s-y-s-t-e-m-s because they...

S - Save
Y - Your
S - Self
T - Time
E - Energy and
M - Money

And that's exactly what the Referral Mastery program will do.  It will save you time, energy, and a lot of money.  Every referral idea in this seminar consists of a systematic process that works every time, over and over again.

If you want to get more referrals simply turn up the program.  For instance, a few of the referral systems you’ll learn use innovative direct marketing programs.  If you want to increase the amount of referrals you're currently getting all you have to do is send out more marketing. It's that simple.  (Note: Everything you’ll need is included in the seminar).

"The Referral Mastery Seminar Gives You a Systematic Way to Tap Deep Into the Vast Network of Friends, Family, and Associates of Other People"

It is said that everyone knows at least 250 other people.  Imagine if you were able to get just 20 people to  refer just 10% of all their network of friends, family, and associates to your business next month.  That would result in over 500 referrals to your business in just one month! 

Those are conservative figures.  Many of the referral systems in the Referral Mastery Seminar will motivate people to tell their entire 250+ network of friends, family members, and associates.

"Imagine What It Would Mean to Your Business If You Never Had to Ever Ask for Another Referral Again But Still Received Hundreds of High-Quality Referrals"

All of the referral systems revealed in the Referral Mastery program require NO asking for referrals.  What they do is get OTHER PEOPLE to ask for you.  That's called "leverage."  Leverage is when you put forth a small effort into something that provides exponential returns.

That's what the Referral Mastery program is about.  Leveraging your time and relationships to reach a multitude of people that you never would have been able to reach without spending an immense amount of hard earned money on mass advertising.

"In The Referral Mastery Seminar Audio Program, You’ll Learn from Three Referral Masters that Share the Most Unique and Unusual Referral Systems and Tools Ever Assembled...

Recorded this June in Destin, Florida

Howard Partridge, David Frey, and Santiago Arango Reveal Their Biggest Secrets of Generating Massive Referrals to Explode Your Business

This Audio Program is a TWO Day, Referral Mastery Workshop with Three Referral Marketing Experts

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David Frey is an internationally known referral marketing expert and Internet Marketing Expert. No one knows referral marketing like David Frey.

Howard Partridge (that’s me!) built his first company from the trunk of his car up to a multi-million dollar enterprise through referral marketing. Then he built his other businesses and income streams the same way. His referral marketing systems are currently helping small businesses around the world have record sales and profits.

Santiago Arango developed Howard’s referral marketing dream team that tripled referral source referrals in Howard’s company in less than 12 months.

Get the Audio Program While It Is Available

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It took me a whole year just to schedule LUNCH with David Frey. Much less get him to agree to do a seminar with me. That was NOT easy, I can assure you!

So, this is most likely the one and ONLY time to get David Frey in a seminar room. He just doesn’t do it any more. Period.

Fortunately, Dave and I are good friends and I was in a position to help him with a couple of things. Dave is so careful to always return a favor. I asked him and he said YES!

I have learned more from David Frey on marketing than any other human being on the planet.

Top 10 Reasons Referral Marketing TRUMPS Paid Advertising, Online Advertising, or ANY Other Marketing or Advertising Strategy….

Reason #1: The Network is completely unlimited. To continue to generate income from advertising, you have to keep advertising! With referral marketing, it continues to work and there is no limit to the growth potential! The referral source refers a Mercedes Client (MC). If you have a strong referral program, the Mercedes Client refers you to their friends, and this process happens over and over. But it only happens if you have a strong referral marketing system!

Reason #2: Higher Quality Clients- Since Mercedes Clients seek out a referral, you will get higher quality clients just from being “referral based”. Referred clients usually don’t even ask about the price. They are more concerned about quality than price.

Reason #3: Pre-Qualified Clients – With the right referral marketing system, your prospective clients will be pre-qualified by your referral source. They will already know a lot about you. They already know that you charge more and they are calling you anyway.

Reason #4: People Trust Referrals – Everyone that is in business has received referrals from time to time. Wouldn’t you agree that referrals already have a level of trust for you? Sure they are. They trust you because the person they trust knows about you.

Reason #5: Reduces Competition – With the right referral marketing system, you are no longer fighting for the best placement on Google or the best zip code for the coupon mailer.

Reason #6: Low Cost – With the right referral marketing system, you won’t be spending money on expensive advertising. The cost is very low for referral marketing. Even with a referral fee (which I highly recommend), the cost is still extremely low compared to advertising.

Reason #7: High Returns – The returns can potentially be huge. In my experience, any overall advertising program in the carpet cleaning industry would be doing extremely well to get a 4 to 1 return. In other words, if you invested $1000.00 in advertising, you would get $4000.00 in return. Anyone would be happy with that return across the board. With referral marketing, if you pay a 10% referral fee and everyone cashed in on it, you would have a 10 to 1 return. In my program, I show you how to get a 20 to 1 return.

Reason #8: Returns Guaranteed – With a referral fee, you don’t pay it until after the job is done and the invoice is paid. With traditional advertising, you put your money on the line and hope for a return.

Reason #9: Small Time Investment – The biggest objection I get to referral marketing is “time”. First of all, if you just implement the right referral system for your existing clients and the people you already know, you can generate many more referrals than you currently do.

Once a referral partner begins to refer you, they will usually continue that pattern. Then, with the right referral system, you go deeper with that source and you build more partners!


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85% of Small Businesses Agree That Referrals Is the Best Way to Get New Clients, But FEW Have a Proven Referral Marketing System…

And Even FEWER Have Mastered Referral Marketing!

Here’s Your Chance to Learn from Three Referral Marketing Masters So YOU Can Become a Referral Master in YOUR Business...

Imagine for a moment… you’re reaching your biggest sales goals. New, referred clients are pouring in and they’re willing to stand in line and pay you the highest price.

Why? Because you have been REFERRED!

A casual, so-so, hap-hazard referral program isn’t going to cut it. It’s time to step it up and MASTER Referral Marketing once and for all.

And… learn it in the most beautiful environment possible… next to the crystal clear, emerald green waters of Destin, Florida

Here’s what you’ll learn at this two day workshop audio program…

David Frey’s Instant Referral Marketing Systems

...discover new referral systems from someone that has implemented more referral systems than anyone I know.

You’ll learn the automated systems David Frey has used online and off-line, from decades of experience of working as a consultant for big turn-around firms, as a small business expert, network marketing, and more. I’ll personally be at the edge of my seat taking notes just like you at this seminar.

Howard’s Proven Referral Marketing Systems

...the key to record sales and profits in your company.

  • How to identify referral sources that will GIVE you your perfect clients
  • How to get a 20-1 return on your marketing dollars
  • How to structure your referral reward program (most get it wrong)
  • How to generate massive referrals without even asking for them
  • How to call on a potential referral partner successfully

How to Build a Referral Marketing Dream Team with Santiago Arango

...so you can focus on other things.

  • How to find the right referral marketing reps
  • How to train them on the system
  • How to pay your referral marketing team
  • How to make sure they do what their supposed to do
  • How to lead and manage your referral marketing team

Joint Venture Partner Examples that Have Produced MILLIONS of Dollars

  • How Howard has generated millions of dollars with joint-venture partners
  • How to move a referral source to a joint-venture partner
  • How to structure a win-win-win joint venture partnership
  • How to do an “in-house” program where they sell your service FOR you
  • How to do events that build strong, loyal referral partner relationships

Leave with Your Very Own Referral Marketing Playbook…

  • Create Your Referral Marketing Message
  • Create Your Referral Partner List
  • Create Your Referral Marketing Scripts
  • Create Your Referral Reward Program
  • Create Your Referral Marketing Action Plan

Special Q&A Session...

On both days, Howard, Dave, and Santiago will be at the front of the room for Q&A. We will fleshed out real questions from real business owners, like yourself, about referral marketing.

Time to Get the Audio Program…

Okay Howard and Dave, you’ve convinced me that Referral Marketing Mastery is my first priority. Now, how do I get the audio program without giving up my first born?

Simple… it’s only 497 for the entire workshop audio program. Go at your own pace and replay as many times as you need. Automobile University is a phenomenal tool for business owners.

If for ANY reason, you don’t feel this seminar audio program was “over-the-top”, I’ll give you a 100% refund.

Get the Audio Program TODAY! First 10 companies will get a 30 minute implementation call so you can apply the systems right away.

Time slots are limited. First come, first served!

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