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Membership Program | Weekly Workshop

Road to Seven Figures

to go to the top!

Every Wednesday 4:00pm EST

1:00pm PST | 2:00pm MST | 3:00pm CST

Membership Program | Weekly Workshop

Road to Seven Figures

to go to the top!

Every Wednesday 4:00pm EST

1:00pm PST | 2:00pm MST | 3:00pm CST

Join the Business-Revolutionizing
Live Weekly Workshop with Eric & Larry

Dear Fellow Professional,

Did you know that we host high-value sessions for growth-focused service businesses weekly?

We have a workshop every week bringing you content to get your company to 7 figures. The business skills shared put you on a path to getting your business to a million dollars.

Here's What We'll Cover...


Personal Habits

This week, we dive deep into the foundation of success: personal habits. Discover how your daily routines shape your path to achieving significant goals. From mastering time management to cultivating a mindset of excellence, this week sets the stage for your journey towards financial and personal triumph. Join us as we uncover the essential habits that pave the way to reaching the pinnacle of success.


CEO Skills

This week, we focus on essential CEO skills that propel leaders to extraordinary success. Gain insights into strategic decision-making, effective communication, and visionary leadership. Learn how top CEOs navigate challenges, inspire teams, and drive innovation to achieve seven-figure milestones.


Understanding People

We delve into the crucial topic of understanding people. Explore the dynamics of human behavior, effective communication strategies, and the art of building lasting relationships. Discover how empathy, emotional intelligence, and cultural awareness can elevate your leadership and business success.


The Importance Of Business Systems

Effective business systems streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure consistency, which are essential for scaling a business to seven figures and beyond. By implementing robust processes and automating repetitive tasks, entrepreneurs can focus on strategic growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This workshop equips participants with the tools and knowledge to build and optimize these systems, paving the way for sustainable and scalable business success.


Business Financials

The Road to Seven Figures,' highlights the pivotal role of business financials in reaching substantial financial milestones. Understanding and managing financial statements, cash flow, and budgeting are fundamental for driving a business towards seven-figure revenue. This workshop provides participants with in-depth insights into financial planning, investment strategies, and profit maximization. By mastering these financial aspects, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, avoid common financial pitfalls, and set a solid foundation for long-term success and growth.



Effective marketing strategies are crucial for attracting and retaining customers, building brand awareness, and driving sales. This workshop provides participants with comprehensive knowledge on leveraging digital marketing, social media, content creation, and analytics to craft compelling marketing campaigns. By mastering these techniques, entrepreneurs can expand their reach, engage their target audience, and accelerate their journey to seven-figure success.


Hiring and Onboarding Staff

As a business grows, attracting and integrating the right talent becomes essential for maintaining efficiency and fostering innovation. This workshop offers valuable insights into creating effective hiring processes, conducting thorough interviews, and developing comprehensive onboarding programs. By mastering these practices, entrepreneurs can build a strong, cohesive team that drives the business towards seven-figure success and beyond.


Leading Others

This workshop equips participants with the skills to communicate effectively, motivate employees, and foster a collaborative work environment. By mastering these leadership principles, entrepreneurs can guide their teams to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and collectively strive towards the goal of reaching seven-figure success.


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We are committed to keeping this program affordable for all home service businesses that want to scale.

If you own or manage a home service business, and want us to show you exactly how we scaled our service business into a multi-million dollar/year business, (and were able to sell it for over 8 figures)...


What people say about us

Denver + Tammy

Denver's Soft Wash

This class is packed full of many gold nuggets! It has a lot of practical ideas that can be implemented today. My team looks forward to learning from Eric and his team EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Michael Joannides

Liberty Carpet

Words can’t describe the change we all got out of the first 2 lessons. You probably have an idea of the good, but multiply it 10 fold. Can’t even tell you what happened today, it would be like looking at a picture of a sunrise compared to watching it live. Incredible.

Tina Craig

Spotless Emergency Water Removal and Floor Care

We are now working together well. We are building a team, a strong team that will stick with us long term and we are accomplishing our goals. We have seen massive growth both to our revenue and our profit margin.

Chris Longo

Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Every month for 20 straight months, we have had continuous growth.

NOTICE! We are only going to let 20 people in for the workshop!

From our experience, this is the perfect number of entrepreneurs to collaborate and connect with the group.

If you do not benefit we will give you your money back. No questions asked.

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There will be more great business topics presented every week. We will have accountability time to hold you responsible for your growth. We will have a hot seat each week for a company to get input from the group on their biggest challenge.

You will get the economy package of Super Tech University for free. This includes lessons for your team two days a week. Personal development and in-home behavior. This is $1482 VALUE. 

FINALLY, You get a free personal coaching call with Eric. That is Normally $495 per hour!



Over $2000.00 Value ALONE!

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Personal Coaching Call With Eric and Larry
Great business topics presented every week
Accountability time to hold you responsible for your growth
You will get the economy package of Super Tech University for free
Lessons for Your Team TWICE a Week

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Weekly Workshop DATES / TIMES

Starting Date: June 26th, 2024

Meeting Every Wednesday 4pm EST

3pm CST | 2 pm MST | 1 pm PST

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