Howard's Tip of the Week... "Do You Have a Phenomenal Sales SYSTEM?

Implement These 7 Steps...

How to Close More Sales at Higher Prices

If you want to close more high-end sales, you first have to attract high end clients! You do that by using my Phenomenal Marketing Systems (that I’m currently teaching on my weekly webcast)

Then you need a Phenomenal Sales System. I have a 7 Step Sales System that goes like this:

  1. Build Rapport – Make people comfortable. It could be connecting with how they were referred to you, common interests, or a compliment.
  2. Connect Emotionally – What is the overall "emotional" state of a typical prospect? Fear? Excitement? Don't overlook this. They want to know you understand.
  3. Establish Credibility – You should have a 60 second message that includes my five-point marketing message I taught last week: Repuation, Experience, Education, Systems and Guarantee.
  4. Discover Need – Everyone that buys something has a problem. Find out what it is.
  5. Outline Solution – Once you discover the need, outline your SYSTEM for solving the problem.
  6. Quote Investment – Too often small business owners quote a price before building value.
  7. Overcome Price Objections – Next week, I will be teaching how to do this.


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