Phenomenal Sales Systems Workshop with Howard and Santiago

June 21st & 22nd in Destin, Florida

Close More High End Sales with the Proven, Step-by-Step Phenomenal Sales System at This Hands-On Workshop

So, you’ve generated a Mercedes Client through referral marketing. Good. Now what happens? Does your sales team have the scripts down pat? Are your closing ratios as high as they could be?

Have you (or your staff) perfected overcoming objections? What about upsells? Have you mastered “the most profitable sale ever made?” No?

If you would like to…

  • Close more sales at higher prices...
  • Overcome objections consistently (without the butterflies)...
  • Double your profits with upsells...
  • Learn from the Sales Master Santiagoman...
  • Have a phenomenal reason to get on the Destin Beach...

Then, sign up for this workshop!

This sales process has been proven in Howard’s companies and is working in hundreds of companies around the globe. Remember, nothing happens in a business until a SALE is made!

It’s a shame to work hard generating a prospect and not close the sale. It’s a shame to spend time, money and energy serving a customer, client, patient, guest or member, and not make the upsell!

In fact, you are doing your client wrong because they don’t get the benefit of the product or service and they don’t get the benefit of working with you. You’re basically throwing them to the wolves (you’re unscrupulous competitors).

This workshop will be held right after the Referral Mastery Seminar in Destin

This hands-on workshop will be held from 3:00pm – 9:00pm. You can attend both seminars, or spend the day on the beach and the evening learning. Or, you can bring your team to “divide and conquer”. Your choice!

NOTICE: This is the ONLY hands on sales workshop scheduled this year. This is NOT something that we repeat very often. It will be sometime next year before this is held again. Getting it in person (especially if you bring your team) doesn’t compare to learning online.

Check Out the Full Agenda...

Day 1: June 21st

3:00- 4:30pm Session 1: The 7 Step Phenomenal Sales System That Closes More Clients at Higher Prices.
Santiago will take you through each step and you will develop and practice your unique script. Leave this workshop with your sales manual already done!

In this session, you’ll create and practice Step 1 and 2 Building Rapport, and Connecting with the Emotional State.

4:45-6:15pm Session 2: Phenomenal Sales Systems Part 3&4
In this session, we’ll create and practice Step 3: Establishing Credibility and Step 4: Identifying Problems. You’ll create and practice your UEP and develop the most important questions, assessments, and/or evaluations for Step 4.

6:15pm Dinner Break – On Your Own

7:30-9:00pm Session 3: Phenomenal Sales Systems Part 5 & 6
In this session, we will practice the best way to share the solution to their problem or need and look at pricing models you can use to boost your sales.

Day 2: June 22nd

3:00- 4:30pm Session 4: Phenomenal Sales System Part 7: 5 Ways to Overcome Objections
Would you like to master overcoming objections without being pushy or feeling uncomfortable? What would it mean to your bottom line if you increased your closing rate by just 10%? Probably enough to attend this workshop!

4:45-6:15pm Session 5: How to MASTER The Upsell!
The add-on sale is the most profitable sale EVER made. Why? Because you’ve already invested the time, money and energy to acquire the client. Everything else goes straight to the bottom line! This process has helped MANY members dramatically increase their add-on sales.

6:15pm Dinner Break – On Your Own

7:30-9:00pm Session 6: Putting It All Together
In this final session, you’ll practice your new scripts and systems and get ready to take it back to your company. Santiago will help you perfect your message.

WARNING! We Can Only Seat 50 Companies!

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Your Seminar Coaches

Howard Partridge

Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in 97 industries in 7 countries. He is president of Phenomenal Products, Inc. which helps small business owners stop being a slave to their business by transforming it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation.

Santiago Arango

Inner Circle Coach and Sales Master Santiago Arango has been with Howard for 15 years. He has tripled the sales in Howard's company and has led a team of of 40 to record sales year after year. Learn from the Master himself at this workshop.

Workshop Location

Tops'l Beach & Racquet Resort
9011 US-98, Miramar Beach, FL 32550
(850) 267-9222

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WARNING! We Can Only Seat 50 Companies!

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