Special OWNER Boot Camp with Howard Partridge

Stop Being a Slave to Your Cleaning Business and Transform It Into a Predictable Profitable Turnkey Operation!


September 5th & 6th Sanford, Florida
At SoftWash Systems Headquarters

Dear Friend and Fellow Professional Cleaner,

Do you remember WHY you went into business for yourself?

Was it to make a lot of money, or was it really to be your own boss…

to chart your own course…

to have a little more “free” time?

Yeah right!

The brutal reality is that most small business owners feel like a slave to the business, there’s very little family time, the business consumes your mind 24/7, there’s no real freedom, you feel like you have a “job” rather than a business and your day is consumed putting out “brush-fires”.

After growing up on welfare, moving to Houston with 25 cents in my pocket, at 18 years old, I became a professional waiter.

In 1984, I started my first business out of the trunk of my car with $3,000.00 in wedding money. I spent it all on a carpet cleaning machine and a vacuum cleaner.

I began doing my first jobs. My clients included the restaurant I worked at, my wife's friends in the radio business, and referrals from my Dad and my stepmother.

For the next 13 years, I struggled like most underfunded small business owners. I worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Then, I learned "the secrets" of a phenomenally successful business, and everything changed.

I transformed that company into a predictable, profitable, multi-million dollar cleaning business that is completely turnkey.

Today the business runs on its own without me being involved. And we are hitting new company records year after year.

If YOU want to break-free and transform your business into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation - the kind of business you've always dream of, look no further than this incredible 2 day event.

Together, we will be doing a one-time-only training on site at the SoftWash Systems.

If you would like to be one of those, snap up your ticket right now, because this will fill up really fast.

Here’s why…

Someone once said “Find the person that is already doing what you want to do and learn from them.”

What could you learn from someone that has built one of the most successful cleaning businesses in the world?

A lot.

See the sessions I'll be teaching below…

"From No Experience, No Education, No Plan, No Money to... Systems, Community and No Debt! We love the Inner Circle."

– Jim McDonough & John Cappadoro

Register NOW!Register Now! Seating is Limited!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Day 1: Thursday September 5th 9:00am - 5:00pm

Session 1: How to Reach Your Biggest Dreams and Goals in Life and Business

As an entrepreneur, do you feel somewhat alone because those around you don’t seem to understand you?

Do you feel like you need a safe-sounding board for business ideas?

Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?

Do you want to make a bigger difference in the lives around you?

In this session, I'll share 3 principles – support, encouragement and accountability.

These are required to reach your biggest goals in life and in business.

Session 2: How to Generate a Record Number of High End Referrals

Would you agree that the very best way to get new business is through referrals?

Most people would.

Studies show that most small business owners say referrals are the best kinds of new clients, but very FEW have an effective SYSTEM.

Most of the systems you’ve probably heard about are simply WRONG and don’t work!

Over the past 3 decades, I have grown my companies with a specific referral marketing process, and I have generated millions of dollars in high end clients.

Just ONE of my companies generated over $1 MILLION in NEW referrals last year. 

This is no joke. It works!

In this session, you’ll learn the Step-by-Step Process that We Use in Our Companies.

Session 3: How to Double Your Sales in 90 Days or Less

There’s an old saying that goes like this…

“NOTHING happens in a business until a SALE is made”

That’s true. And sales don’t happen until MARKETING is done.

See, marketing is everything you do to attract prospects to your business and sales is everything you do to convert prospects into paying customers.

Do you have enough of the right kind of prospects coming in?

Do you have a system for that?

Are you spending too much money on advertising?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, I have phenomenal news for you…

You can implement a proven step-by-step marketing system designed for small business owners and validated by thousands of small business owners in hundreds of industries around the world.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, what part of the world you are in, how big or small your business may be…

You CAN generate an unlimited number of prospects.

I’ve done it and I’ve helped many others do the same.

Now it’s your turn.

This session is packed with my proven systems that are guaranteed to bring you more prospects!

Session 4: How to Get Your Team to Deliver the Most Phenomenal Service Experience Every Time!

In this session, you’ll learn the 9 steps to creating and delivering the most phenomenal service experience EVER - without it always relying on you!

You’ll learn how to EMPOWER your team to SERVE, so they don’t have to always come to you with questions.

Dinner on your own.

Day 2: Friday September 6th 7:45am - 5:00pm

Session 1: How to Build a Phenomenal Dream Team

Are you tired of doing it alone? Tired of putting up with low performers? Can't find "good" people? Howard will show you how he attracts and develops phenomenal team members that love working for him. These strategies are helping other small business owners worldwide hire phenomenal team members.

After this session, you'll be empowered to get the help you need so you can grow your business to the next level without having to worry about employees taking advantage of you.

You'll also learn...

  • How to attract A-Players to your team
  • How millennials can become your greatest asset instead of your biggest problem!
  • How to retain the best talent for years to come
  • How to get your team to help you reach your dream
  • How to coach a team member back to success

Session 2: How to Make Your Business Super Profitable

Do you know where your business stands financially?
Do you know how to track your numbers?
Do you know how to increase profits?

In this session Howard will show you how to read your financial reports, when you should look at them and how to get the data.

This is an area that you CANNOT overlook if you want to be phenomenally successful in business. Sooner or later it will catch up with you.

A business without a profit is just a HOBBY!

Lunch included.

Session 3: How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Business and Transform It Into a Predictable, Profitable, Turnkey Operation!

Do you remember WHY you went into business for yourself? Was it to make a lot of money? Or was it to be your own boss - to chart your own course - to have a little more “free time”?

The brutal reality of many small business owners lives, is you feel like a slave to your business, there’s very little family time, your business consumes your mind 24/7, and your day is spent putting out “brush-fires”.

In this session, Howard will share the 5 systems of a phenomenal business, and how to transform your business into a turnkey operation. He has done it and he has helped many business owners around the world do the same.

You’ll also go through 5 powerful assessments that reveals where your business is now and how to get it completely systematized.

Session 4: How to Avoid the #1 Reason Small Businesses Don’t Grow: F.T.I. (Failure To Implement)

Overcome F.T.I. (Failure To Implement)

The #1 reason small business owners don’t grow (or do as well as they could) is F.T.I. (Failure To Implement). Even when you know what to do, and how to do it, there are so many distractions, and so many fires to put out, how do you stay focused and productive?

You’ll learn how in this session.

Note: This is possibly the most important session of all, so be sure to stay until 5:00pm.

So, what’s the investment for this two day experience?

Only 497 for the first person, and 197 for an additional attendee. Bring your spouse with you, or your business partner, as you will want them to be on the same page with you.

This event comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You will NOT be disappointed, as the two days will be packed with top shelf business training you can use as soon as you return home to build your dream business.

This training will most likely sell out FAST, so make sure you grab your seat now.

This event is never guaranteed to repeat due to our schedules and there is NO other place to get a live two day training with Howard and the SoftWash Systems Community.

We want you to be as successful as possible and we want you to get started learning BEFORE you get to the event, so we have arranged for you to get these three amazing bonus items:

BONUS ITEM #1: Live Weekly Webcast with Howard Partridge. Howard does a live webcast for his coaching community every week that includes training on personal growth, business systems, leadership development and team training.

This is normally a member only webcast, but you’ll get access every week up until the training. Attend live on Tuesday mornings at 9:00am Central and ask any question you like, or replay it on any device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

BONUS ITEM #2: Audio and Digital Version of Howard’s book 7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E. This book details Howard’s journey from growing up on welfare to becoming a phenomenally successful business owner, to international business coach and best-selling author.

Register NOW!Register Now! Seating is Limited!

Howard Partridge is an international business coach with coaching members in over 100 industries in 18 countries. He is a best selling author of seven books, a TEDx Speaker, the exclusive business coach for the Zig Ziglar Corporation, the first Ziglar Legacy Trainer in the world, the first founding member of The John Maxwell Team and a Master Trainer DISC Certified Human Behavior Expert.

Howard grew up on welfare in Mobile Alabama and left home at 18. He arrived in Houston, Texas on a Greyhound bus with only 25 cents in his pocket. He started his first business out of the trunk of his car over 34 years ago and built it into a multi-million dollar enterprise. He has owned 9 small businesses altogether and owns 4 companies at the time of this printing.

He is president of Phenomenal Products, Inc. which helps small business owners stop being a slave to their business by transforming it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation. For the past two decades Howard has helped small business owners around the world dramatically improve their businesses.

He has led hundreds of seminars, webinars, workshops and holds his own live multi-day events which have featured some of America’s top business trainers including John Maxwell, Michael Gerber, Bob Burg, Dr. Joseph A. Michelli, Darren Hardy, Dr. Robert Rohm and American legend Zig Ziglar.

Howard is married to Denise, has one son, Christian, and is a proud grandfather to Gigi Partridge.

Get Free Videos, Webinars and Resources for growing a phenomenal business and living a phenomenal L.I.F.E. at www.HowardPartridge.com