Congrats! You're in.

Your Next Action Steps...

1. Work on your Wheel of Life Assessment

In order to begin the process of setting goals, you need to know where you are. This tool helps you assess where you currently are in life. Download the Wheel of Life below.

2. Transfer your Results

Transfer your results onto the Wheel of Life diagram on page 2 in your Ziglar Personal Performance Planner. Get your Ziglar Performance Planner at the link below.

3. If you're a Business Owner...

If you are a business owner, complete the Wheel of Business Assessment as well. This 50 point assessment will reveal where your business currently is and where you need to be for a clear path to success.

4. Participate in your weekly POD

If you are not in a POD yet, go to You'll get information on how to connect with the Inner Circle community as well as be plugged into an accountability POD.