How to Generate a Consistent, Unlimited Supply of Your Perfect Target Prospects

2 Day Hands-On Phenomenal Marketing
Systems Training with Howard Partridge

March 6th & 7th Houston, Texas

(Seating Limited)

Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

Would you like to reach your sales goals more consistently?

Would you like to have complete, proven, phenomenal marketing systems in your business?

One that will consistently generate an unlimited supply of your perfect prospects?

And wouldn’t it be nice if these systems were automated so you didn’t have to be involved in every step?

Hi, I’m Howard Partridge and I’ve proven that these systems work in my own business as well as countless small businesses around the world.

My company is currently coaching in 84 industries, so there is no doubt they will work for you. In fact, this training comes with a complete, 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's the problem...

Far too often marketing is a collection of strategies thrown together without any order behind it. This is the reality of most small businesses. The result is you end up with…

  • Inconsistent sales
  • The wrong prospects
  • Too much money spent
  • Low profits

Would you like to have someone who has ALREADY invested the money proving what works and what doesn't, help YOU create your marketing systems so you can get results faster?

At this Hands-On Training, we will dive deeper into the proven step-by-step systems than ever before.

The #1 reason small businesses don't grow is F.T.I.

Failure To Implement!

Many people don't implement these systems because of the time it takes to create them, so we’re going to help you get there faster in this training.

Step 1 is learning the systems.

Step 2 is creating them for your business.

When you do these two steps in the training, you’ll be much more likely to implement. After all, you can’t implement something you don’t understand and that doesn’t exist!

Plus, you’ll have myself, my marketing directors and some of my phenomenally successful Inner Circle Members that have already traveled the road.

If you want to generate an unlimited supply of your perfect target prospects faster and easier, be at this training!

I hope to see you there!


Howard Partridge

Nothing happens in a business until a sale is made. Sales don't happen until marketing is DONE!

Hands-On Phenomenal Marketing Training

March 6th & 7th
DoubleTree Houston Hobby

(Seating Limited)

Day 1

Session 1: Discover how to Set Yourself Apart from the Competition with "Phenomenal Experiential Marketing"

In order to attract high value clients that care more about quality than price, you have to go beyond the “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition) and create a “UEP” (a Unique Experience Proposition).

Phenomenal Marketing is creating a unique experience in your marketing that engages, educates and entertains your audience.

Understanding and implementing this concept will set you apart from the competition and generate higher quality clients that are willing to pay higher prices.

In this session you will:

  • Discover What Unique Experience You Want to Provide
  • Identify your Prime Target Market
  • Determine the Emotional Needs and Desires of Your Target Market
  • Create a Compelling Message that Engages, Educates and Entertains

Session 2: Learn the Proven Phenomenal Marketing Methods that Will Keep Prospects Coming In Consistently

The next step is to set your sales goal and select the methods that work best for your company.

In this session you will:

  • Learn How to Set Your Sales Goal
  • Determine Which Marketing Methods are Best for You
  • Create Your Free Trail Offers (the fastest growth tools on the planet)

Session 3: The Power of Phenomenal Referral Marketing

All of business is about relationships. Referral Marketing is the secret to record sales and profits when done right. Building the right kind of relationships with high value referral sources gets you invited into the back door while your competitors are begging at the front door.

Learn how to do Referral Marketing the right way and it will change your business dramatically. Generating a massive number of referrals keeps you from having to rely on direct advertising and weed through the price shopper “suspects”.

Howard Partridge is recognized as a top relationship marketer by some of America’s top referral marketers. He has proven these systems in his own companies as well as small businesses around the world. Over the past 30 years, Howard has perfected his referral marketing systems and will spoon-feed them to you in this training.

In this session you'll...

  • Create Your Referral Relationship System
  • Create Your Referral Source List
  • Learn What To Say to a Potential Referral Source (and not to say)
  • Learn What To Bring to a Potential Referral Source (and not to bring)
  • Learn the Proven Referral Marketing Tools and Strategies
  • Create Your Referral Reward Program

The practice of calling on referral sources and generating referrals is just the beginning. In this session, Howard will share how to go deeper with joint-ventures, group marketing and events. Howard’s companies have literally generated millions of dollars with these strategies.

Howard RARELY talks about these strategies and holds them close to his vest, but this closed-door group will learn the secrets to the most valuable referral marketing vault Howard has.

In this session you’ll learn…

  • The 8 Reasons a Referral Source Should Do Business with You
  • How Events and Joint Ventures Can Create a Massive Surge in Income
  • How to Overcome the Top 11 Referral Source Objections

Day 2

Session 5: Phenomenal Client Base Marketing

The biggest marketing mistake of all is not marketing to your existing and past clients! If you aren’t marketing to them, someone else is. Most small business owners are doing a poor job in this area.

Today, Howard will show you how to create an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that will stay in touch with your clients FOR you.

85% of small businesses say that repeat and referrals are the best ways to get business, yet most don’t have a SYSTEM to maximize repeat and referral business.

Today, we’ll fix that.

In this session you’ll learn…

  • What to Send and When
  • What to Say and Why
  • How to Determine the Best Client Base Marketing Methods

Session 6: The Phenomenal Power of Automation

  • How to Create Automated Thank You Packages
  • How to Create Automated Confirmations and Reminders
  • How to Promote Additional Services
  • How to Create an Auto mated Client Education Process

Session 7: How to Create Phenomenal Marketing Copy

  • How to Use Direct Marketing
  • How to Track Results
  • How to Write Copy that Gets Results

Session 8: How Direct Selling Can Create New Business at Little or No Cost

  • How to Call on Prospects Directly
  • What to Say and Do (and not to say and do)
  • What to Bring with You
  • How to Keep Track of Prospects and Follow Up

Special Guests "Santiagoman", "Mrs. Phenomenal" and Mr. Rick Jones

Santiago Arango is the “superman” of marketing and is Howard’s marketing director, Denise (Howard’s phenomenal wife) has sold $75M in radio sales over the years, and Rick Jones was with Dale Carnegie for over 33 years and owned the Houston franchise for over 20 years. They will be helping you throughout the training and will share their experience with you.

Here's what's included in the training...

This 2 day training is not going to be a “spew-fest” like some seminars you go to. Instead, this is a hands-on, step-by-step training. The audience is mostly Howard’s Inner Circle Coaching members that are already using the systems to some degree – and have probably had a lot of success. They are attending to take their marketing to the next level.

And you can too!

Here's what's included:

Howard's Quick-Start Marketing Online Training Course. These 6 modules teach you the 14 Fastest Ways to the CASH. This program is NOT available outside Inner Circle, but if it was, it would be at least $500.00

*It is NOT necessary to study these materials before you come, but it IS helpful. If you don’t get around to studying before you get to the training, it’s normal and Howard will cover everything you need, making the home study and online training even more valuable to you.

The training includes a delicious lunch both days.

Add an extra person at no charge. Bring your spouse, business partner or marketing manager.

Here's the Investment

The two day training is 997, or you can do 4 installments of 299 if you would rather have the cash flow. Just a few referrals, or one good referral source will pay for this training many times over.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely thrilled with the training, just let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment. We are interested in long term relationships and are not concerned with short-term profits.

Hurry, There Are Only 75 Seats!

Since this is a hands-on training, are only offering 75 seats. Plus, we already released this to our Inner Circle Membership. They’ll snap these up in no time, so ACT NOW if you want to attend this phenomenal training.