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Dear Friend and Fellow Business Owner,

Do you remember WHY you went into business for yourself?

Was it to make a lot of money? Or was it to "be your own boss", to "chart your own course", to have a little more "free time".

Yeah right!

The brutal reality of most small business owner's life is you feel like a slave to your business, there's very little family time, the business consumes your mind 24/7, you have major stress, you feel like you have a "job" instead of a business and your day is consumed putting out "brush-fires".

Hi, I'm Howard Partridge, business owner and exclusive small business coach for Ziglar, Inc. I know how you feel. In 1997, I felt like a slave to my business, but then I learned 2 secrets that changed my life forever. Now, my companies are predictable, profitable and turnkey.

In this special ONE-TIME-ONLY private class, you'll learn the proven systems that small business owners just like you are using around the world to have record sales and profits while having more time off.

Sound good?

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Howard Partridge



  • How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Business
  • The 4 Vital Components of a System
  • Go through 5 Powerful Assessments on the 5 Core Areas of Business
  • How to Generate an Unlimited Supply of Perfect Prospects
  • How to Close More Sales at Higher Prices
  • How to Get Your Staff to Provide the Most Phenomenal Service Experience Ever
  • How to Track Your Numbers for Maximum Profits!
  • The #1 Reason Small Businesses Don't Grow and What to Do About It

Limited to 20 people. By private invitation only. To qualify: Must be the business OWNER. Must have been in business for at least 3 years and have at least one employee to attend this private event. As soon as you register, we will contact you about details on the private evening.