Success Stories

"From No Experience, No Education, No Plan, No Money to Systems, Community and No Debt! We love the Inner Circle."

– Jim McDonough & John Cappadoro

“When I joined up with Howard, I was pulling money out of my savings to put into my business. We have consistently hit record sales and profits since joining with Howard and my family went on a vacation of a lifetime. I couldn’t have done it without Howard.”

– Michael Killen

"The Inner Circle guides me so I am confident in my business decisions!"

– Brenda Sell Jones

"We have amazing coaches and weekly POD meetings so we are held accountable!"

– Deanna Sullivan

"My husband almost gave up on the business. We are now thriving personally and professionally!"

– Jamie Hallas

"Lots of growth and knowledge since joining the Inner Circle. Even our kids have been encouraged. We love this community!"

– Carlos Campos

"My entire team has evolved since we started with Howard!"

– Grace McLaurin

"Even with an MBA, I struggled. This community has changed my business!"

– Dominique Youakim

"Best Year in 37 Years of Business!"

– Tommy Brown

"Profits Up 300%!"

– Phill Hall

"Ellen challenges me in this program! I now see a clearer picture of where I am now and where I'm going."

– Jim Stuart

"I love the intimacy of the group. You get to learn directly from Ellen Rohr!"

– Kelly McKay

"I needed someone to hold me accountable, and I found it!"

-Chris Bishop, Davis Heating & Air Conditioning Co

"Being Led By Godly Men"

-Melissa Moore, Joy Carpet Dry Cleaning

"Found my Teacher - AND my community!"

– Ron Carlson, Texas Home Furnishings

"Joined the Inner Circle to not just have a JOB but a BUSINESS!"

-Jeff Walter, Professional Benefit Administrators Inc.

"Took a 3 MONTH Vacation!"

-Luis Hernandez, DynaClean Professional Services

"Howard Partridge gives you the systems, assessments, and tools to improve yourself and your business! "

-John LaBuda, Mathnasium of Cy-fair

"Saved My Marriage"

-Alyse Makarewicz, AMB Architects

"Inner Circle has been life changing for me!"

– Isaiah Mahlstedt, ProCare Services, Inc

"The Inner Circle has helped us focus on our team, and it is so different today!"

– Cheri Perry, Total Merchant Concepts

"Our business wouldn't have come to fruition if it wasn't for Phenomenal Products"

– Jim McDonough, Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC

"I love being able to share honestly, some of my biggest dreams and goals"

– Larry Carpenter, The Carpenter Group

"I would recommend it to anybody who needs help with their business"

– Tim and Denise Coulter, Big Country Subs Co.

"I feel like I learned so much to take my business to the next level"

– Michelle Prince, Prince Performance Group

"I got so many great ideas..."

– Joy Gendusa, PostcardMania

"The business is taking off...huge marketing accomplishments!"

– Scott Peterson, Home Perfect

"The Inner Circle is a game changing experience for me and my business!"

– Alexis Aranda, Pure Plumbing

"I cannot tell you the transformation in the business"

– Pierre De Wet, Art of Clean

"Life changing-Personally and in my company!"

– Jonathan Pierce, Prestige Communications, Inc.

"Less work, more family time, and an increase in sales! "

-Chris Myatt, Carolina Carpet Cleaning

"Excellent support, systems, and community! "

-Melanie Murphy, Melanie Murphy Voice Overs

"From a dream to reality!"

– Suzanne Elizabeth, Doughty View Midwifery Center

4 years ago, I had so many dreams of growing my business into a ministry to serve the mamas and babies of my community in a much bigger and deeper way but I also had so many questions that needed answers: Could I design my business as a ministry? Could I do this work without being completely swallowed by it? Could I keep motherhood and midwifery in their proper place and be devoted to both? Could I make money and run a company without being a slave to either?

Then I got an email about this seminar in my inbox. I had never heard of Howard before but was especially drawn to his message because he spoke of your business serving you as a vehicle for you to fulfill God’s plan for your life and not the other way around. I asked my husband if he would drive me to this seminar (3.5 hours away!) He said yes; we took all the kids and he played with them in the hotel swimming pool while I learned. I learned many things that day and I continue to learn.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had that day. Since then, my dreams of ministry have been fulfilled. We have served mamas and babies with our herbal products from coast to coast, I learned how to create wholesale accounts and our herbal products are now in many stores, we opened a birth center for my midwifery practice, and added a maternity boutique and newsletter for new moms. We have had the blessing of being involved in the lives of over 5000 mamas and babies to date either though herbal remedies or direct care. Long story short, if you want to expand your business to be a ministry that fulfills the call of God on your life, consider yourself invited to this seminar. You will be blessed!

Suzanne Elizabeth, Doughty View Midwifery Center

"In less than 12 months, business had improved by nearly 300%"

– Carol Feher-Alexander, Learning Land Education

In late 2011, I was desperate to save my English education business located in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Although I worked seven days a week, I was barely able to pay myself a decent salary. To keep the business running, I had maxed out all my credit cards and taken out two high interest loans. The stress and worry of being deeply in debt led to sleepless nights, irritability and strained relationships.

When notified that Howard’s conference in Nashville, Tennessee was scheduled for January 2012, I was determined to make the 8,000 mile trip. It was a huge gamble but my company was failing. If Howard and his team couldn’t help me; my business was headed for closure.

The wealth of information and assistance provided at the conference far exceeded my expectations. I returned to Hong Kong with a set of Howard’s training DVD’s and a clear plan for becoming profitable. As I began to implement what Howard taught, things quickly began to turn around. In less than twelve months, business had improved by nearly 300%!

I am grateful that Howard Partridge appreciates the struggles, fears and aspirations of small business owners. He took the mystery out how to become profitable and developed a remarkable process that is easy to follow, even if one doesn’t live in the USA.

Carol HK

"20% increase year on year!"

– Pierre and Laurence de Wet, Art of Clean

Art of Clean have the pleasure to have been associated with Howard and his program since 2012. We fist made contact with Howard when we discovered a massive loss from our marketing efforts – At the time we sent out nearly 1 million flyers per year. After a long conversation with Howard on the phone we booked plane tickets and attended his Seminar in Houston.

On our return we diverted our marketing spend on strategies advised by Howard and his team. We slowly reduced our reliance on leaflets and started seeing much better returns on other means that deliver outstanding returns to this day.

I will never forget how special Howard and his team made us feel on our visits to his seminars in the US. Unlike other trainers in the US who’s seminars we attended and did not even acknowledge us, Howard called us on to the stage and even gave us a gift for attending. Howard’s team and his other students welcomed us with open arms and to this day we feel part of the family.

In January 2016 we felt it was time to take Art of Clean to the next level and we returned to Houston. We connected with Santiago that took us under his wing and made some special arrangements to help us. We signed up for Howard’s 777 membership and Santiago visited us here in Cambridge in March 2016 and trained our team. We still have lots to implement though we have a totally different perspective of our business. We helped our team to see a new perspective to their role in the business. To support and reward them we implemented a new pay structure. It is not something that happen overnight though we have already seen an increase of 20% year on year.

Weekly calls help us stay on track and help you up when you feel down. This is on such great help.

We found the solution Howard offer is not just a marketing or sales solution but rather a system that improves your business as a whole.

I fear what we would have done if we did not join Howard’s program.


Pierre and Laurence de Wet