Art of Clean have the pleasure to have been associated with Howard and his program since 2012. We fist made contact with Howard when we discovered a massive loss from our marketing efforts – At the time we sent out nearly 1 million flyers per year. After a long conversation with Howard on the phone we booked plane tickets and attended his Seminar in Houston.

On our return we diverted our marketing spend on strategies advised by Howard and his team. We slowly reduced our reliance on leaflets and started seeing much better returns on other means that deliver outstanding returns to this day.

I will never forget how special Howard and his team made us feel on our visits to his seminars in the US. Unlike other trainers in the US who’s seminars we attended and did not even acknowledge us, Howard called us on to the stage and even gave us a gift for attending. Howard’s team and his other students welcomed us with open arms and to this day we feel part of the family.

In January 2016 we felt it was time to take Art of Clean to the next level and we returned to Houston. We connected with Santiago that took us under his wing and made some special arrangements to help us. We signed up for Howard’s 777 membership and Santiago visited us here in Cambridge in March 2016 and trained our team. We still have lots to implement though we have a totally different perspective of our business. We helped our team to see a new perspective to their role in the business. To support and reward them we implemented a new pay structure. It is not something that happen overnight though we have already seen an increase of 20% year on year.

Weekly calls help us stay on track and help you up when you feel down. This is on such great help.

We found the solution Howard offer is not just a marketing or sales solution but rather a system that improves your business as a whole.

I fear what we would have done if we did not join Howard’s program.


Pierre and Laurence de Wet