“Howard- Thank you sooo much for such an inspiring round table. WOW!!! I am just blown away how good it was, no, how GREAT it was. I don’t know how you could have made it any better. Each speaker was terrific, informative, and inspiring to help get my business on track and that’s an understatement.

Each day was LONG and jam packed pack with just what I needed. I definitely got my money’s worth and MUCH MORE! After 23 years in this industry it was far and away the BEST program I have ever attended of this type.

I also want to thank you for making it so affordable for small companies like mine to go to such an outstanding event. This was my first round table event BUT definitely will NOT be my last! For 6 years I would get contact after contact to go to these events first Round Table 1 then 2 all the way to 12. Thank you for that as well.

When you say your passion is our success you are not just coining a cute phrase you REALLY MEAN IT. THANK YOU AGAIN!