Can I share some words of wisdom to those attend the conference?

The clear teaching that Howard provides in each of the Phenomenal Systems
is an excellent basis for any business to power you to the next level – and
even to unbelievable levels compared to where you are right now. The KEY is
putting it into reality – IMPLEMENTATION. Now, I know some of the elements
need to be translated into your business environment – some things may not
work quite in their “raw” form. As a business owner your
*responsibility*is to adapt the teaching to your situation, the size
of your business, your
industry and your niche in it.

I have been an Inner Circle member now for 20 months. I joined due to
desperation – my business was failing and I was using personal savings to
pay staff wages. I had two months left and then we would hit rock bottom.
If things didn’t turn, I would soon be forced to stand down highly trained
staff. The staff training has been all done by myself because there is no
industry training available for our specialised work.

How did I start when I joined the Inner Circle? I used every available
minute to accelerate my learning. I downloaded the MP3 recordings and
listened to them on a portable MP3 player – 5 minutes here, 10 minutes
there, whenever I could catch time – walking or gardening, etc. I stuck
with the PODS every week I could and set small goals at first, then larger
goals. I got Marketing moving with the “How To Select… ” brochure.
Because my company has been in business for over 10 years, we had a good
list of past clients. We also worked out a Budget and we had to get the
bookkeeping into shape. We also had to increase our investment fees. This
got us out of trouble and we started recovering. For the first time in many
months I was sleeping soundly at night – not worrying about my business
that was dying.

Then we had another problem – we got too busy and we were profitable. “oh
dear!” I had to employ more technical staff and now I have employed three
more staff. This has increased technical capability so we can do more and
larger projects. We have been breaking monthly sales records, with this
February then being our best month ever. We increased our investment fees
again so that we were sustainable – accounting for overheads and staff
professional development.

As we have changed our address and our trading name, in February we posted
a card to the past 400 large clients. These were carefully selected from
our database which took over a month to fix. However by April, things had
changed dramatically – not only was April our best month sales ever but it
was 60% more than our previous best month ever (February). We are still
trying to cope with the influx of business.

A word of caution to all Inner Circle members – if you implement most of
the Systems that Howard teaches, you can have an exceptional, profitable,
growing business, with staff that do the work for you, that you can be
proud of. Please be careful with postal cards – they are a *very
powerful*marketing tool when done in a way that your industry
resonates with.

My next step is to be turn-key. I need to develop leaders to do the
directing of the company (not “my” company any more). Hopefully leading
better than I can do, so I can ease back gracefully. I intend to spend my
“spare” time helping other people much like I am already doing.

For newer members – stick at it, attend your PODS, set sound goals, the
systems really work. Remember, some parts translate well directly for your
business, and others will need some slight adaptation to your
circumstances. As Zig Ziglar said “If something is worth doing, it is worth
doing poorly until you learn to do it better.”

All the best to each of you.
Clyde Anderson