4 years ago, I had so many dreams of growing my business into a ministry to serve the mamas and babies of my community in a much bigger and deeper way but I also had so many questions that needed answers: Could I design my business as a ministry? Could I do this work without being completely swallowed by it? Could I keep motherhood and midwifery in their proper place and be devoted to both? Could I make money and run a company without being a slave to either?

Then I got an email about this seminar in my inbox. I had never heard of Howard before but was especially drawn to his message because he spoke of your business serving you as a vehicle for you to fulfill God’s plan for your life and not the other way around. I asked my husband if he would drive me to this seminar (3.5 hours away!) He said yes; we took all the kids and he played with them in the hotel swimming pool while I learned. I learned many things that day and I continue to learn.

I am so thankful for the opportunity I had that day. Since then, my dreams of ministry have been fulfilled. We have served mamas and babies with our herbal products from coast to coast, I learned how to create wholesale accounts and our herbal products are now in many stores, we opened a birth center for my midwifery practice, and added a maternity boutique and newsletter for new moms. We have had the blessing of being involved in the lives of over 5000 mamas and babies to date either though herbal remedies or direct care. Long story short, if you want to expand your business to be a ministry that fulfills the call of God on your life, consider yourself invited to this seminar. You will be blessed!

Suzanne ElizabethDoughty View Midwifery Center