In late 2011, I was desperate to save my English education business located in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Although I worked seven days a week, I was barely able to pay myself a decent salary. To keep the business running, I had maxed out all my credit cards and taken out two high interest loans. The stress and worry of being deeply in debt led to sleepless nights, irritability and strained relationships.

When notified that Howard’s conference in Nashville, Tennessee was scheduled for January 2012, I was determined to make the 8,000 mile trip. It was a huge gamble but my company was failing. If Howard and his team couldn’t help me; my business was headed for closure.

The wealth of information and assistance provided at the conference far exceeded my expectations. I returned to Hong Kong with a set of Howard’s training DVD’s and a clear plan for becoming profitable. As I began to implement what Howard taught, things quickly began to turn around. In less than twelve months, business had improved by nearly 300%!

I am grateful that Howard Partridge appreciates the struggles, fears and aspirations of small business owners. He took the mystery out how to become profitable and developed a remarkable process that is easy to follow, even if one doesn’t live in the USA.

Carol HK