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    Bonus Session: How to Attract and Develop Millennials

    Howard Partridge

Millennials are smart, hungry and they know technology. The key is to learn how to attract them, interest them and lead them. That’s what Howard shares in this session to kick off the conference.

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    The Dream Manager

    Santiago Arango, Inner Circle Coach

Santiago Arango is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant, and an Inner Circle Coach.

The best thing a leader can do it THINK. In this session, Santiago will share how companies can achieve remarkable results by helping their employees fulfill their dreams.

  • 3

    How to Overcome F.T.I.

    Howard Partridge, International Business Coach

Join President of Phenomenal Products and International Business Coach, Howard Partridge, for a session where he will reveal how to be more focused, inspired and productive than ever before. Discover the simple systems that will help you implement like crazy!

  • 4

    Systems 2.0

    Howard Partridge, International Business Coach

In this session, Howard shares the proven path to freedom...

He'll reveal how to get the most out of your vision, your org chart and how to develop leaders so you can actually replace yourself in the business. Howard has done it successfully and has helped others do the same.

  • 5

    Breaking Free From Your Business ­ – Business UNcomplicated

    Ellen Rohr

When Howard's company was struggling to make a profit, Ellen flew in like Wonder Woman and helped him get his companies profitable. Dig into the numbers with none other than ELLEN ROHR herself – a conference speaker favorite!

  • 6

    Digital Marketing...What Works? What Doesn’t? Why isn’t My Business Growing? Answers are Being Offered!

    Dana Clary, Sales and Marketing Technologies

This session will give you straight-to-the-point, actionable tips for getting traffic to your website or blog. While some of these strategies won’t be a quick fix, you may be surprised how quickly many of them will start to generate results.

  • 7

    5 Proven Strategies To Shatterproof Your Business

    Scott Reib, Small Business Attorney

You may be shocked to learn that the survival of your business depends on the time and effort you put into Estate and Succession Planning.

In this session, Scott Reib will teach you the 5 Big Reasons Every Business Owners Needs An Estate Plan and teach you the tools you need to begin putting your own custom plan in place.

  • 8

    How to Train Your Brain Like a Memory Expert

    Ron White

Ron White is a top memory expert. He is a two­time national memory champion and has held two USA records for two years. Ron’s desire is to teach YOU to have the best trained memory, so you can better retain information.

  • 9

    How to Reward the Right Stuff - Part 1

    Ellen Rohr

Ellen will introduce the best of what she has learned to create a really BIG game and entice Right Stuff people to play with you.

  • 10

    How to Reward the Right Stuff – Part 2

    Ellen Rohr

In this session, Ellen will introduce the best of what she has learned to create a really BIG game and entice Right Stuff people to play with you.

  • 11

    Featured Conference Keynote: How to Turn Contacts into Connections Networking

    Dr. Ivan Misner and Brian Hilliard

Dr. Ivan Misner has probably been responsible for more referral transactions than any single human on the planet. Learn how to build a phenomenal network of influential people around you. No one knows more about it than Ivan does. Join him and co­author of NYT Best Seller, Networking Like a Pro, Brian Hilliard for this phenomenal keynote session.

  • 12

    The Legacy of Zig Ziglar

    Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

In this session Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and the proud son of American Legend Zig Ziglar shares Zig's legacy and what it has meant for him to pass this on to others.

  • 13

    Out ­Market Your Competitors Without Out­ Spending Them

    Joy Gendusa, CEO and Founder of PostcardMania

Small business owners are struggling to get leads to your website. Google, direct mail, social media — which works best? More importantly, how can they work together? And if website visits are up, why aren’t leads, calls and sales? That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this session.

  • 14

    Bonus Session: Phenomenal Success Story

    Alan O'Neil

Alan O'Neil started a plumbing company, built it up to $9M, then merged with another company. Together they run 99 trucks! Hear Alan's phenomenal success story.

  • 15

    Bonus Session: Phenomenal Success Story

    John Torres

John used Howard's systems to go from Zero to 47 employees, doing over $10M per year in restoration services. Hear his story and how he made it happen.