This Round Table has been a tremendous help to my life. I’ve only been an Inner Circle member for 3 1/2 weeks and have already benefited greatly by Howard’s products, words of encouragement & steadfast commitment to better my business and personal life. To be able to “rub shoulders” with other fellow business owners/Inner Circle members this week has truly enlarged my vision and limitations. I have made several new friends this week which I plan to stay in contact with. The most exciting thing about this week was the Spiritual content that was interwoven in several of the presentations. I realize that Round Table is not all about making money but more about inspiration and implementation. Without surrounding myself with such great people, I do not think I could ever be as successful as I could be on my own. SYNERGISM! I know that the investment to be here was well worth it. It is detrimental for any independent carpet cleaner that wants true success to not make the investment to be at the Round Table. I am looking forward to the results in the next 6 months implementing these truths that I have learned. Thank you Howard!”